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Independence Day 2020

You may be wondering why a post entitled “Independence Day 2020” would be released in November. Or maybe you don’t have to wonder at all. No matter what your political stance, you must realize the brevity of this point in history. I have gone through all of my stages of grief and am left with…surrender. It is the only contribution that I have at this time. It is also my reminder that I only serve one King, and only to One do I bow. And so, I guess for now, this is my “independence day.”

Independence Day

It’s Independence Day

There’s no other place on earth I’d rather be

Than right where I am, on the sea

The sun sparkles like diamonds dancing on topaz waves

The Door Peninsula is covered in a hot, misty haze

I suppose that just for today

Perhaps, I could let my worries float away

The world it seems, has lost its way

Full of fear, full of hate.

My mission it seems is keeping them from my “gate”

It feels like all hope is lost

In life’s storms, we now are tossed

A power grab by some

Pulling the thread of our nation’s fabric

Has now begun

All consuming is this rage

Even for me

I cannot keep it in its cage

“Every nation that has fallen has fallen from within”

A lyric from an old song

Now a haunting premonition

Evil is winning

Satan must be grinning

But, here I sit on this fine day

Admiring the waves, the boats and the sea spray

Praying that these troubles just wash away

Choking at times

The weight of the world has been

Truth it seems

Remains hidden

The hum of the motors

So steady and strong

Cut the sea like butter

And for this moment

Nothing is wrong

My thoughts

Usually far away

Enmeshed in the chaos

I find it hard to get through the day

What am I to do?

Stand by and watch the end draw near? Pray and hope that all that I love will persevere?

One small person

In a sea of humanity

A drop in the bucket

Changing our dark course

It seems like insanity

Am I scared of suffering and death? I thought, not

Yet, thinking of this future

Makes it hard to draw my next breath

Where right becomes wrong

And wrong becomes right

People destroyed without the gift of sight

Am I playing the fool?

Right into the enemy’s hand?

For we fight against spiritual forces

And not against our fellow man

It seems people cannot see

Like sheep in their fear

They bleat out

“Help me!”

But, they do not know the Shepherd nor His ways

So Satan happily rejoices as they stray

We need a miracle

On eagles wings we once were kept

Plummeting now in a dangerous free fall

As the saints and patriots wept

America, the land of good and plenty

Has entered desolation and destruction

That is, the year 2020

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