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A Vision for a Vibrant, Inclusive Green Bay: The Candidacy of Jon Shelton

Championing Democracy and Inclusion: Shelton's Vision for a United Future

Green Bay, Wisconsin

March 16, 2024

Professor Jon Shelton, a candidate for the Green Bay Common Council's 4th district, is writing a new chapter in the vibrant city of Green Bay, where the spirit of growth and community entwine with the intricate fabric of American democracy. Shelton, a well-known scholar and ardent supporter of justice and equality, offers a compelling vision to Green Bay politics with the goal of promoting a more resilient, inclusive, and equitable city.


Shelton's path is distinguished by a strong dedication to the ideals of social justice and democracy. His professional life is a monument to the conviction in the ability of education and group action to influence change. He is the chair of Democracy and Justice Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and the Vice-President for Higher Education of the American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin.


Shelton declares, "The future of our city is diverse, and we should celebrate that," demonstrating his dedication to accepting Green Bay's increasing racial and LGBTQ+ diversity. His advocacy work highlights a history of fighting for LGBTQ+ equality and equitable access to housing, two important causes that he hopes to continue to advocate on the council. This is especially true in his capacity as Vice-Chair of Green Bay's equitable Rights Commission.

With a platform centered on addressing pressing issues such as affordable housing, job security, climate change, and the preservation of democratic integrity, Shelton's candidacy resonates with a broad spectrum of Green Bay residents. "Too many people in our city can't get good housing and jobs where they can make ends meet. Climate change is destabilizing the world around us. And right-wing extremists have been trying to destabilize our elections. That's why I'm running," he explains, laying bare the challenges facing Green Bay and his determination to confront them head-on.


Shelton’s approach to governance is pragmatic yet visionary, with concrete plans to leverage his experience and relationships built through years of advocacy and academic leadership. Specifically, he proposes the implementation of policies that bolster affordable housing initiatives, as outlined in the ERC's January 2023 report, and the creation of sustainable job opportunities that can support Green Bay's working families. Moreover, his commitment to environmental sustainability and combating climate change reflects a forward-thinking agenda that seeks to ensure a safe, prosperous future for all residents.


"Our American democracy has always been a work in progress but what makes us who we are is our values: we strive to do better, together. To be more inclusive, to end discrimination, and to make sure everyone has what they need—like good housing—to have better lives," Shelton emphasizes, calling upon the citizens of Green Bay to unite behind these shared values.


Shelton's candidacy is more than a political campaign; it's a movement towards building a Green Bay that truly reflects the aspirations and diversity of its people. Shelton's story stands out as a beacon of hope and action. It's a reminder that in the heart of democracy lies the power of the people to shape a future that is inclusive, just, and reflective of our collective values.



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