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Canopy by Hilton, targets vibrant, culturally rich neighborhoods – San Antonio TX

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

San Antonio TX River Walk, located in the heart of the city, will have a change in the neighborhood. The Canopy by Hilton, Hilton’s hotel brand that redefines the lifestyle space, in a joint development between Crockett Urban Ventures and Merritt Development Group, plans to develop a 195-room hotel. It will be managed by White Lodging Services, and is scheduled to open in 2018.

The property, located along the world famous River Walk at the northwest corner of North St. Mary’s and Commerce streets, is scheduled to break ground in early 2017, and open in the Fall of 2018. The hotel will integrate the Civil War-era Alamo Fish Market building into its 22-story design. The property is located along the world famous beautiful River Walk. at the northwest corner of North St. Mary’s and Commerce streets.

It becomes personable to the visitor, with locally inspired design, local art and music programs, neighborhood fitness options, including bikes and jogging routes. Guides to the locale fabric of the community, focuses on everything from the menu to the décor, integrating into the cultural heart of San Antonio.

“Canopy is about helping guests get to know the vibrant neighborhoods where they’re staying,” said David Merritt, president of Merritt Development Group. “The location in San Antonio is in the heart of downtown San Antonio with numerous area restaurants, bars and entertainment venues.”

“It was important for us to include the Alamo Fish Market building into the design of the hotel,” said Chris Hill of Crockett Urban Ventures. “Incorporating the building into the hotel is not only an integral element of the authenticity of the Canopy brand, but also maintains an important historic element to the corridor. I’m excited to breathe some additional life into the area with this project.”

Canopy San Antonio | River Walk will feature more than 3,000 square feet of meeting space, 195 rooms and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace overlooking the River Walk.

“Canopy by Hilton redefines the lifestyle segment and brings guests closer to the neighborhoods in which they travel,” said Gary Steffen, global head, Canopy by Hilton. “The River Walk neighborhood in San Antonio perfectly aligns with the ethos of Canopy by Hilton. We are excited to partner with Crockett Urban Ventures and Merritt Development to bring Canopy to the city of San Antonio.”

For more information, visit or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@canopybyhilton) using hashtag #PositivelyYours to explore fresh-forward thinking in travel, design, and wellness.

About Merritt Development Group

Austin, TX-based Merritt Development Group is a merchant developer of urban hotels around the country targeting Marriott and Hilton-affiliated brands. Merritt Development Group was formed in 2013 with more than $350 million open, under construction or in the development pipeline.

About Canopy by Hilton

Canopy by Hilton is the energizing, new hotel in the neighborhood offering simple guest-directed service, thoughtful local choices, and surprisingly comfortable spaces, so guests simply feel better going forward. Each property is designed as a natural extension of its neighborhood, with local design, food and drink, and delivers a fresh approach to hospitality and the guest experience. Canopy by Hilton is the lifestyle hotel brand of Hilton Worldwide. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter (@canopybyhilton).

Photography: Canopy Hilton

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