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Hemauer's Vision for De Pere School Board: Transparency, Innovation, and Inclusivity

In the Race for School Board, a Candidate with a Plan for Progressive Change

De Pere, Wisconsin

March 18, 2024

In the upcoming De Pere school board elections, one candidate is drawing attention for his comprehensive approach to education reform. Hemauer, with over three decades of experience in business and community service, is running on a platform that emphasizes transparency, diverse learning pathways, inclusivity, and financial responsibility. His campaign, rooted in a deep commitment to the community, proposes innovative solutions to long-standing challenges within the school district.

A Pledge for Open Communication

Hemauer is adamant about the importance of maintaining a transparent and accountable relationship between the school board and the community. "The first step is to simply go back to the basics. A pledge to return all calls and emails from constituents in a timely manner," he asserts. This foundational approach to communication is part of a broader strategy to engage the community actively in decision-making processes. By publicizing board meetings via close-captioned video and exploring the formation of a community advisory board, Hemauer aims to ensure that every voice is heard and considered.

Fostering Diverse Learning Pathways

Recognizing the changing landscape of the workforce and the diverse interests and talents of students, Hemauer is committed to promoting varied learning opportunities. "I’ve been a small business owner in the community for the past 30 plus years," Hemauer notes, highlighting his readiness to leverage his experience and connections to benefit students. He plans to develop partnerships with local businesses to support internships and work-study programs, providing a practical framework for students interested in entrepreneurship and tech-based careers.

Promoting an Inclusive and Respectful Environment

Inclusivity is another cornerstone of Hemauer's campaign. He believes in fostering a school environment where every student feels safe and supported. "First, let’s stop division in the classroom," Hemauer suggests, pointing towards a strategy that emphasizes respect for district policies and the dedication of educators to provide a secure learning space for all students. His approach seeks to minimize distractions, allowing educators to focus on imparting the necessary skills for students' academic and personal growth.

Commitment to Financial Transparency

With a background in financial planning, Hemauer is keenly aware of the importance of responsible budgeting and financial transparency. He outlines specific strategies for ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the De Pere school district, emphasizing forward-looking decision-making and the judicious use of resources. "We’ve known that the one-time ESSER funding... was exactly that – one time. And that if it was used to plug deficits in the normal district operating budget... we would have to answer for that operational deficit," Hemauer explains, advocating for transparency in how financial decisions are communicated and implemented.

Hemauer is well known in the community. Business owner, education advocate, and President of the Brian LaViolette Scholarship Foundation Doug LaViolette knows Hemauer well. "For years, I’ve had the pleasure to know Hemauer on both a business and personal level. I have found Scott to be incredibly kind, caring, and an honest and compassionate leader," LaViolette explains. "Scott is a true role model that I would highly recommend for a leadership position on the De Pere School Board."

Hemauer's self-funded campaign and decision not to seek endorsements from groups with vested interests underscore his commitment to maintaining independence and integrity in his role on the school board. This approach aligns with his vision for a school district governed by transparency, inclusiveness, and a commitment to preparing students for a variety of future paths.

As the De Pere community heads to the polls, Hemauer's platform offers a vision of progressive change, aimed at enhancing the educational experience for every student. Through his commitment to open communication, innovative partnerships, and an inclusive learning environment, Hemauer presents a compelling case for why he should be the next member of the De Pere School Board.



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