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Laura Lee Fall's "Kentucky Boys" Series Releases This Fall

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Romance author set to release three new titles beginning October 1, 2021

Laura Lee Fall

The author of six novels, Laura Lee Fall is passionate about writing. The mother of four children - and a very proud grandmother - Laura loves sweet romance stories and endeavors to take her readers on exciting adventures. Twists, turns, first kisses, and fond moments; Laura loves to journey with her characters and readers.

When Laura was a young girl, she found herself making up stories to help put her sister to sleep. "You have quite the imagination!" her sister would often remark. And while a younger Laura was able to speak stories into being off the top of her head, the storytelling process that she undertakes today might take her months, or even a year. "I have time to write and set aside quiet time to put my thoughts and ideas together," Laura explains.

We asked Laura where she draws her inspiration from. "Mainly everyday life. I write about certain subjects or issues I've dealt with throughout my life," Laura shares. "This includes everything from teenage pregnancy to abusive relationships."

Her first work was produced at the tender age of eighteen, but it took several years for her title to be published.

Laura finds great joy in spending time with her children and grandchildren. "Family means everything to me and it always comes first!" she proudly declares.

Laura has always loved the story of Cinderella and believes strongly that dreams can come true and that Prince Charmings exist in real life. Laura's sincere hope is that her audiences enjoy reading her work as much as she enjoys producing it.


Larura Lee Fall Prepares to Launch New Series

Forever Love (Book 1) Oct. 1, 2021

All I Wanted (Book 2) Dec. 30, 2021

Need You (Book 3) Feb. 28, 2022

The thought of losing her again was more than I can take.

I broke her heart once. Now she's probably going to rip mine out.

That cute and sweet girl who became my best friend is back.

And when she walked into the bar that night.

Only one word described it?


She's gorgeous, and not that little girl anymore.

Trouble for brothers.

As old feelings reawaken, and become strong.

I must pretend, that I wasn't falling deeply in love with her.

Since she's head over heels for my brother.

He's every girl's dream, but also a jerk, and now the girl of my dreams wanted him.

And I can't stop wanting her.

So sweet and innocent, different from the usual type I dated. She got me weak at the knees.

Now, only one word described it.


It hurt like hell, and nothing ever hurt me.

Until she came back into my life.

The only woman I ever loved was ripping my heart out.

And I always got the women, known as the town heartthrob, never had a problem.

Till I let myself fall completely in love.

Now all I wanted was marriage, kids, and forever with her. As she played games with my heart!

Maybe walking away would be easier.

All I have to do is let go.

But will it be that easy?

A vicious man is out for revenge, turning the boys' lives into a nightmare, and Lana becomes the main target.

Only one word described it.


CLICK HERE to see the entire Kentucky Boys series


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