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Lavender Farm largest grower in the Midwest – Door County

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

FRAGRANT ISLE  LAVENDER FARM Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm & Le Petit Bistro is proud to call Washington Island, Door County, home to the Midwest’s largest Lavender Farm and to be Washington Island’s  first. They have ranked as Discover Wisconsin 2018 Choice DESTINATION  and a 2017 Trip Advisor Award of Excellence. The Farm is located in WI in the Door County Peninsula, where tourists can enjoy a ferry ride to the Island. Visitors will also have the opportunity to visit their red working barn that reveals the processing and the distillation demonstrations during harvest.

Owners Celebrate

The owners, Edgar and Martine Anderson, are celebrating Fragrant Isle’s 6th Anniversary by expanding their fields with the Springtime addition of 6,000 plants and more rose gardens. This will increase the total to 20,000  lavender plants. Their plan is to have more than 30,000 plants in the next few years.

Cultivating the Farm – all natural environment

Fragrant Isle is Door County’s only  true working lavender Farm where visitors can learn firsthand from the expert grower, and the knowledgeable staff. Their goal is to educate visitors about the many benefits and uses of this unique herb. The farming process includes using the latest in farming technology to cultivate their plants in an all-natural environment. No chemicals are used – ever. Plants are harvested both by hand and by machine, but always with the greatest concern for maintaining the strength and stability of the growth stock. Visitors may purchase lavender plants or pick their own lavender bundle at the U Pick field. The Company has a deep commitment for the lavender plants, the farm, and the environment of Washington Island.

Luxurious lavender products & culinary specialties

Shopping at Fragrant Isle  includes their complete line of hundreds of luxurious lavender products made with their lavender buds/pure essential oil as well as all are made in the USA. Visitors also enjoy the new daily A La Carte lunch menu and delicious specialties at Le Petit Bistro. The inviting dining at Le Petit Bistro on the terrace, overlooking the lavender fields, is filled with charm. Additionally, guests gravitate to the delicious selection of chocolates, candies, ice cream and their famous macaroons.

Shopping at the new Fragrant Isle Lavender Shop – located at Fish Creek at Top Of The Hill Shops – opened in 2017. The complete line of Fragrant Isle’s luxurious lavender products are displayed, and the culinary specialties include: chocolates, candies, jam, to name a few.

Their STORY: Founders realize dream comes true The  Company is the embodiment of a dream held by one of the founders, Martine Anderson. Born in France, Martine lived in the south of France and long dreamed of one day having a large, lush, lavender garden of her own. When she and her husband Edgar moved to Washington Island as young retirees, they looked for a business in which to invest, but nothing seemed to suit. Martine kept thinking that the Island was a lot like the area around Provence, so Edgar did longitudinal weather studies, took soil samples and planted a test garden at their home, and at the home of friends. The gardens grew, as did the  dreams of creating a lavender business.

In 2012 business plans were developed, plants were ordered for cultivation in 2013 and beyond, products were ordered from select vendors using the same kinds of buds they would grow. In early 2013 the retail store was established in rental space on the Island. In May, almost 9,000 lavender plants were installed in four fields. They opened the doors for a “sneak peak” on May 9, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. They were truly gratified by the acceptance received from the Island community and their customers.

In the autumn of 2013, they realized the need for more planting space, more retail space, as well as space for offices, drying, production, storage, shipping and e-commerce fulfillment. With that in mind, they purchased a 21.7 acre parcel on Airport and Townline Roads in Door County, where their new retail store now stands in a field with plans for further expansion.

The Team

Martine, had a long career in the world of haute couture for both Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus and owned several businesses both in France and the U.S.  Martine’s depth of experience in retailing provides a substantial advantage in the product selection, development and merchandising.

Edgar graduated from the University of Miami School of Architecture and has an extensive background in International Development. He led McDonald’s corporation’s global construction, engineering, planning, and sourcing and was an integral part of the rapid expansion of the company in the global markets during the last 20 years.

The friendly staff of sales associates, farm technicians, and operations specialists, and management team invite visitors to: “WATCH US GROW!”

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, Shop & Le Petit Bistro 1350 Airport Rd. Washington Island , WI 54246   (920) 847-2950 Visit Website

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