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TOP 25- Author Peter McDonough Sr. "Finding Truth" in Poetry and Reflection

Creative Writer, Peter McDonough Sr. releases his new book in 2021, Particles of Truth in Fractured Sunlight. In his book, he shares multiple themes of poetry and thoughtful reflections.

Book Synopsis

An exploration of multiple themes across various perceptions always with a common theme of seeking truth. Particles of Truth in Fractured Sunlight is a window into the world the author has experienced living in Maryland just outside the City of Washington D.C. his entire life. It represents a relentless search for purpose and meaning.

"I find inspiration in simplicity and perfection of both nature and action or interaction. The point where mankind returns to nature and realizes his/her place as a part and not a whole."-PM


Peter McDonough Sr.


Peter McDonough Sr. is from Prince Georges County in Maryland where he lives with his wife and three children. He is a registered member of the Maryland State Arts Council. He is a husband, a father, a Chef, a life long martial artist and food salesman. Peter is the creator of Particles of Truth In Fractured Sunlight and maintains the creative writing site of the same name across multiple social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram (see both links below). Here he posts his writings and photography as well as publishing the works of select writers and other creative artists.

Peter states how he has such a hectic work schedule. Along with being a creative writer and author, he is also a Chef who sells food for a living working at a meat and seafood supplier all week. On weekends he cooks for caterers and country clubs. A usual week consist of working in the cutting room twice a week and the rest of his week is spent driving between accounts and selling or delivering to fine dining establishments in the DMV metropolitan area. To complete this book Peter would write in the evenings, on the weekends and whenever the inspiration hit him.

When Peter is not writing he is a husband and a father in a culturally diverse family his wife is Filipino. There are lots of parties and social events within the cultural community that he loves to attend. As outdoors people he spoils his family with tons of hiking and camping areas a short distance from they live. On weekends when he is not working he can be found exploring these trails. Some of Peters favorite trailer consist of the trails at Harper’s Ferry, Old Rag, Billy Goat Trail, Great Falls, Cunningham Falls and Black Water Falls West Virginia.

Peter's family is into the martial arts family who participate in Filipino Martial Arts systems and Muay Thai. The entire family loves live music especially the Jam Band scene that has evolved from the Grateful Dead and Allman Brother’s scenes. Music festivals are often in the mix.

Peter's inspiration for writing comes from everyday life around him. His passion for writing has been a never-ending quest for what he considers truth in life and his purpose. Those are the two most common themes in his poetry and writing. He is heavily influenced by Eastern thought in his martial studies and his personal philosophy often quoting Zen Buddhism or Lau Tzu’s Book of The Tao. He considers something a truth when it can be applied across a broad spectrum of thinking in both positive and negative situations. Also when it applies and endeavors to advance humanity while simultaneously causing no harm in and of itself.


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