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A Conversation about the Good Old Days: Doris Smith

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

RTM strongly recommends A Conversation About The Good Old Days to its readership.

As a child, Doris really didn't have a relationship with her Father. As a matter of fact, she didn't care for him very much, because she thought he was so mean. It wasn't until she was grown that Doris found out "who" her Father "really" was. She made many judgments that were not accurate and many things she had to ask the Lord for forgiveness. Doris had to realize that her father wasn't a "perfect man" but he was the Father that was given to her.

Doris saw her Mother go through many things with her father. She couldn't understand and sometimes wondered, WHY? Now, she can see her mother's strength. Today, Doris is grateful because her mother is still teaching her how to be strong. Even though her mother is deceased, some days Doris can still hear her voice.

Years later, Doris was sitting and talking with her Father about his life. He shared many things. She found out that he wasn't the "boogey-man" that Satan displayed in her head. So many stories he shared and they were good, as well as funny. Some of these stories she shares with the audience in this book. Now, Doris would like you to share them with your Family.

"Leave a Legacy!"-Doris Smith

Doris Smith-Author

Doris Smith is from a little town called Grenada, Mississippi. Yes, the hump-back and crooked-letter state. She has lived there most of her life. Her parents are both deceased, however; they still live in her heart. She is an Evangelist/Pastor; Author and a Kingdom Life Coach. Doris graduated from Grenada High School in 1980. She got Born-again in 1996 and accepted her call in Ministry in 1997. Doris graduated from Holmes Community College, Grenada, Mississippi in 2007 with an Associate Degree in Elementary Teaching/Criminal Justice. She also has a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Psychology, in which she received in 2010. Doris has other Ministry Certificates from several other schools as well. She is the founder of Kingdom Ministry, which was started in July 2015. This Ministry is an Outreach Ministry. It consists of Jail Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry and a Clothing Ministry. Doris has two beautiful daughters and a Son-in-Law. She also has five grand-children. She also has an extended community of other children that calls her "Ma" as well.

Doris is grateful that God has blessed her in many ways and continues to each day.


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