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The Travel Line: An All-In-One Backpack Crowdfunded Through Kickstarter

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Meet the 45L Travel Backpack and our all-new Packing Tools. Unmatched versatility, access, organization and aesthetics, from a company born on a trip around the world and run by a bunch of fidgety ramblers. Originally funded through Kickstarter, you can now find the Travel Cube on Amazon or on their website. The Travel Cube currently comes in two colors: black and sage and prices start at $299.95. The design of the insert cubes is meant to reduce the size of your travel bag all the while carrying more. We highly recommend this product for those who are well traveled or looking to start traveling without having to worry about cumbersome luggage.

The Travel Line includes individual organizational pouches and cubes to keep your bag organized. A camera cube for photographers. A tech pouch that can easily be removed at the bag check. Packing cubes to keep your cloths compact and organized. A wash

pouch that is easily accessible over long flights and layovers. And a shoe pouch for... well shoes.

Find the Travel Cube on Amazon or on their website along with many other great travel products from Peak Design.


All images and videos were taken from the 2018 Kickstarter. If you own the copyrights to anything featured in this article and wish that it be taken off of our website, please contact


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