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A vacation with a focus Lawrence University’s Campus Door County, WI

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Photography: Lawrence University


2019 Björklunden Seminars

📷If you’re in search of a unique adventure that combines relaxation with education, Björklunden has just what you’re looking for. The Björklunden seminar program provides an opportunity for you to spend a week at the lodge attending an engaging and thought-provoking class in the mornings while giving you ample time to explore beautiful Door County in the afternoons. We like to call it a “vacation with a focus”—and hope you’ll consider joining us this summer or fall to experience it for yourself!

Registration is now open for 2019 summer seminars! Unless otherwise noted on this web page, registration for seminars remains open until the day before each seminar begins. The seminars are conducted at the pristine 441-acre Björklunden estate on the shore of Lake Michigan outside Baileys Harbor in Door County.

Participants can attend seminars either as residents, staying at the distinctly Scandinavian Björklunden lodge, or as commuters. All seminars include meals prepared by Björklunden’s own resident chef and each seminar begins with Sunday evening dinner. Classes meet weekday mornings and some evenings with remaining free time available to explore Door County’s many cultural and recreational opportunities or for simple relaxation at Björklunden’s mile-long, Lake Michigan shoreline and wooded walking trails.

📷Additionally, Bjorklunden periodically hosts a writing residency retreat experience designed to help writers pursue their creative growth. The Residenciesprovide a place for writers to step out of their regular routine and focus on their work without the disruptions of daily life. The campus setting lends itself to inspiring the writer through the shoreline  of the Lake Michigan setting, the quiet and comfort of the lodge, and the beautiufl sunrises and walking trails.

Combined as well, per social connections as desired, the communal areas of a large dining room overlooking Lake Michigan, and the reading/library areas, all point to a very satisfying result as the creative writer gains positive fruition for one’s work.

For seminar participants, one chooses only one seminar for each week of attendance. Class sizes are limited.  Early registration will help ensure participants get into the seminar they prefer.


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