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Author Spotlight: Amr Muneer Dahab

Author spotlight Dahab is a prolific writer who has penned more than thirty books.

Amr Muneer Dahab is a Sudanese born writer and electrical engineer who lives in the United Arab Emirates. He studied high school in Kuwait, and he had his degree in electrical engineering from Mansoura University in Egypt in 1991.

Since high school, his passion had been about traditional Arabic lyrical poetry. He continued composing poetry during university studies, where he won more than one recognized poetic award at the level of Egyptian universities.

Dahab is a prolific writer who has penned more than thirty books. He copes with full-time engineering employment with writing. He has more than twenty years’ experience as a columnist in opinion journalism. Dahab has more than twenty five books written and published in Arabic. His thought-provoking book ‘‘Damn the Novel: When a Privileged Genre Prevails over All Forms of Creative Writing’’ was translated into English in 2018.

In 2020 Dahab’s first book written in English ‘‘Facing Troublemakers: Notes on Dealing with Conflict’’ was published in the United States of America. Subsequently, Dahab has written in English five books in the form of “Wisdom Literature” covering varied life’s aspects and all were published in America in 2021: “You Are Always Good to Go”, “Life Painkillers”, “Cuisine: Feeling Food”, “Reading”, and “Pocket: Your Personal Economy”.

RTM recommends these books to all readers on many spectrums of life looking for positivity and inspiration.


You Are Always Good to Go

Ensures that there is always something positive everyone could do, even in the toughest times, rather than just getting annoyed or sitting helpless. This book inspires the reader on how to go positively under different circumstances that commonly look difficult and frustrating. The reader will realize that there are positive actions easy to do while they are waiting, hesitant, afraid, or even deciding to give it a break.

Life Painkillers

This book inspires the reader on how to face problems as continuous challenges arise. Also how to be constantly prepared to deal with the problem as it appears in any form at any time. Life Painkillers reveals how it is possible to move beyond the idea of the ​​eternal solution. Providing guidance in final treatment in favor of the principle of not despairing of continuous attempts to reach the best possible solutions during recurring and newly created problems alike.

Cuisine: Feeling Food

Cuisine aims primarily to inspire gastronomy and cooking passion in the reader, whatever their inclinations and skills in this regard.

A person increases and enhances skills in any work if they love it, and if a person cannot love a job or a subject necessary for their life, then at least they must relieve their distress and discomfort to continue dealing with this work or subject in the best way.

Cooking, and food in particular, are of course indispensable for anyone. There are countless entryways to explore the splendor of gastronomy and to develop and enrich cooking skills and experiences. Cuisine helps the reader create their own experience for a richer and more passionate relationship with cuisine.


This book aims to make the reader’s relationship with books, and reading in general, one that goes beyond the mere desire to hurry to finish a heavy task, or even the aspiration toward cognitive benefit, to the pure love of reading. Reading inspires the reader that when they reconcile with reading and love it, all reading’s desired benefits will flow to them automatically.

Pocket: Your Personal Economy

Pocket aims to help the reader to better understand and deal with their financial reality, regardless of whether they are spendthrift or frugal. The book highlights that the challenges of money lie not only in controlling overspending but also in getting rid of the obsession with thrift.

Facing Troublemakers

Facing Troublemakers is intended to provide the reader with ideas to inspire them deeply not only in direct business conflicts but in dealing with life’s problems as well. The book contains hundreds of ideas giving the reader insight to new horizons, as well as conquering other areas of conflict they will likely come across, which will be difficult without the right inspiration. Facing Troublemakers is aimed to enable the reader to deal with conflicts their own way, without necessarily having to exhaust their mind studying dozens of reference books or joining training courses on managing and resolving conflict.


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