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Navigating the Chaos of Survival in "Omnis: Last Man of Earth"

Author Derrick Howard explores the extremes of human endurance and cosmic conflicts in his latest sci-fi saga

Reviews & Trends Magazine has profiled Derrick Howard, upon the release of his new book, as an author and influencer in books and print media.


May 5 | Atlanta, Georgia

In his latest release, "Omnis: Last Man of Earth," Derrick Howard captivates readers with the tale of Sledge, a blind hero caught in the throes of an intergalactic battle for survival. Set during the Intergalactic Independence Day of Earth in the year 2050, this Afrofuturistic novel skillfully merges thrilling action with deep philosophical questions about freedom and destiny.

Howard introduces Sledge, armed with nothing more than a walking stick and his wits, who faces off against a cadre of celestial beings using advanced AI, along with human flaws and historical vices, to bring about Earth's destruction. The protagonist's struggle is not just physical but deeply existential, wrestling with whether true freedom comes from embracing one's predetermined path or continually dodging it.

Drawing inspiration from his mentors, Howard explains how he crafts such layered narratives: "As I begin to write, I draw inspiration from the wisdom imparted by past and present mentors whose guidance has profoundly influenced my life." This influence is palpable as he engages all six senses to bring his characters' emotions and surroundings vividly to life, enhancing the reader's immersion into the story's universe.

Howard’s writing process starts uniquely with the resonant sound of a singing bowl, which he describes as capturing attention "through their inherent weight, clarity, and coherence." This initial spark leads to meticulous world-building and the crafting of multidimensional characters, often reflecting deep-seated cultural and historical narratives. He intertwines these elements subtly with the storyline, encouraging readers to see themselves not just as spectators but as participants: "In 'Omnis: The Last Man of Earth,' I aim to immerse the reader as a silent participant in the narrative," Howard states, underscoring his intent to blur the lines between the fictional world and reality.

The author also reflects on personal challenges that shaped his writing journey, notably his early diversion from a writing career to pursue what seemed like more practical paths. "The greatest obstacle in my writing journey has been myself," Howard confesses, emphasizing the importance of honoring one’s unique voice and experiences. This introspection not only fueled his return to writing but also his commitment to empowering others through his work and public engagements, like at a recent cultural competency conference where he highlighted the importance of building "a coalition of the willing" dedicated to proactive engagement.

"Omnis: Last Man of Earth" is more than a science fiction adventure; it's a profound exploration of the resilience required to navigate chaos and the moral decisions that can define the fate of humanity. Howard's narrative compels readers to consider their role in the ongoing saga of human survival, making this book a pivotal addition to the genre and a compelling read for anyone fascinated by the intersection of future technology and existential dilemmas.


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