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Dog Adventure, Rain, Mud and a "Splash" a Dogs Perspective by Isakoff

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Filled with soft illustrations, Rosie and Lucy Make a Splash! takes the child reader on a rainy day adventure between two dogs. Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? This will give you perspective Splashing on Reviews & Trends Magazine ®.


Book Synopsis-Rosie and Lucy Make a Splash!

Rosie and Lucy are not only sisters they are best friends. Join them as they go on an adventure in the rain, and learn that there's no place like home with your family.

"Look!" Rosie shouted. "Come to the back door." "It was left a bit open. Let's go explore!"

What's the first thing your dog does when it is raining outside?

Either they won't go outside at all or they Splash right into the adventure. These two best friends have a great time and make a mess of themselves in the midst of all their fun. Puddles, Mud and Rain are not the perfect combination for a great time. Follow these two amazing dogs as they get into a little mess and come back home to the family they love.

Great Illustrations in this book. Reviews and Trends Magazine recommends this book to the Dog Lovers and Children readers.


Peter Isakoff


Peter D. Isakoff lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with his wife, Leslie, their two amazing forster children, and their dogs, Rosie and Lucy. At home Peter enjoys being a dog wrangler, mac-n-cheese chef, and crayon artist extraordinaire.

By day Peter is a trail lawyer known in the local courthouse for his fedoras and colorful socks. He worked on this book on nights and weekends. He especially enjoyed working on this book with his 6-year-old foster daughter, who had a hand in some of the illustrations. He is a plaintiff’s litigation lawyer who handles personal injury and consumer rights cases. Aside from work, he enjoys hiking with family, art with his foster-children, seeing local live music, traveling, and generally looking for the next adventure in life.

"I’ve always connected with art as a source of rejuvenation and revitalization, and I wanted to share my passion for art with our foster-daughter."-Isakoff

Rosie and Lucy Make a Splash began through nightly coloring sessions with his foster-daughter. Eventually, Peter began telling her stories about the adventures their dogs got into, and drawing illustrations for the stories. That turned into this book. Peter started it around January 2021 and finished it about May 2021. He submitted it for publishing shortly thereafter. He previously published scholarly legal and political articles, but nothing in the realm of a children’s book. He was 33 when I started this book.

Rosie and Lucy are both rescue dogs that found their forever home with Peter and Family. Every day they continue to prove that rescue dogs are the sweetest dogs ever.

Peter has always wanted to write and illustrate. Since childhood he wrote poems and short stories, and has always loved art. Peter took creative art classes throughout high school and college. Today he enjoys drawing and painting, as well as wood-carving, metal-working, and glass-blowing. This book seemed the perfect mixture of a lot of his interests.

As a child, Peter loved the Curious George books and the Berenstain Bears books, as each book was a new adventure. He also enjoyed and later drew inspiration from the art in Eric Carle’s books.

"Seeing the kids connect with the story, and then get a hug and take picture with the real-life dogs, was something he will always remember!”-Isakoff

One of the most happy things he has seen is the joy in children connecting with the book. Peter had the opportunity to do a book reading at a local bookshop recently where he brought the real-life Rosie and Lucy to the event, and even had stamps with their paw prints so that the dogs could sign the books.

Isakoff has multiple platforms including Podcast, Blog and Website. For more information and discussions on raising children in today's challenging world go to any of the links below.


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