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Ferrari Releases New Single "My Heart Can't Breathe"

John Michael Ferrari 'Off Pause' due to Covid

August 10, 2021, John Michael Ferrari released the single, My Heart Can’t Breathe, from the album of the same title to be released January 12, 2022.

As with Ferrari’s album entitled, Be the Smile on Your Face, My Heart Can’t Breathe was recorded at Larry Beaird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Unlike previous releases, COVID played a major role in the timing of this album's recording and release.

"This song was conceived when I saw a photograph of a child that was very close to us who is no longer in our lives. It made my heart hurt." - JMF

Every song has a story. The vast majority of John Michael Ferrari’s songs over the decades have been positive love songs; stories put to music. However, Ferrari created the emotional break-up song, My Heart Can’t Breathe, after his heart ached seeing a photo of himself with a loved one from years ago. "This song was conceived when I saw a photograph of a child that was very close to us who is no longer in our lives," explained Ferrari. "It made my heart hurt."

"Award-winning singer songwriter JOHN MICHAEL FERRARI climbs multiple radio charts!"

Seasoned entertainer John Michael Ferrari has taken the music entertainment industry by storm over the last several years. First with the success of his 2020 album Be the Smile on Your Face, which, during the first COVID year, had 8 of his 12 original tunes on the radio internationally; with 6 on several radio charts, climbing as high on U.S. National Charts as #2, #4, #11, and #13.

During that time, Ferrari was named Country Cross-Over Artist of the Year 2021 by the New Music Awards, voted Rising Star 2021 at the eZWay Magazine Gala, Awarded Outstanding Triple A Album 2020 for his Be the Smile on Your Face album by the Producers Choice Honors, awarded Best Peace Song 2020 at the Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars by Art 4 Peace for his song Like a Rock n Roll Band, and named Singer-Songwriter of the Year 2019 at the Fame Awards.


Ferrari's Early Life

John Michael Ferrari’s abusive childhood was not a happy one. He found refuge in playing his guitar and singing. (He was not allowed to play his guitar in his step-father’s house.) The first song he learned was “Tom Dooley.”

John spent his childhood on the streets and got into trouble. Finally, at age 15, a judge called him incorrigible. Not understanding what that word meant, he responded, “Thank you,” and the Judge sentenced John to 2 years in the Nevada State Children’s Home in Carson City. John shares this “was probably the best thing that could have happened to me and the first time I felt safe as a child or teen”. Before the time to graduate high school, the principal suggested John Michael drop out of school and join the military … which he did; the U.S. Army, 25th Infantry. Another one of the best things that could have happened to him. Interesting to note that the novelty tune “Dustoff” (1966, included on John’s “My Early Life” album) was written in honor of the military helicopter and its crew that picked up the wounded and dead after fire fights in Vietnam, is still honored by the Dustoff Association and has been included in a couple of indie movies.

Music has been John Michael Ferrari’s life; writing, arranging, and performing. Pepper Jay and John have been music partners for over 30 years. She produces John Michael Ferrari’s music and manages his career.

Newspapers, magazines, and radio shows have been generous to John Michael Ferrari. John Michael has graced two magazine covers over the Covid year and the Los Angeles Times wrote a full-page story on John Michael entitled, “No Earplugs Required” and concluded John Michael was the new Sammy Davis Jr or a young Bobby Darin.

Entertainer John Michael Ferrari lives on a ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, and he divides his time between Pahrump and Nashville. He is also a teacher, a keynote concert speaker, the author of “Acting with Your Eyes” and the co-author of "Dynamic Song Performance, The Singer's Bible.”

"The song continues"

The making of a successful song takes a community. As with all of John Michael Ferrari’s songs, he writes the lyrics and the music and creates the arrangement as a guide for the wonderful studio musicians. For “My Heart Can’t Breathe,” John Michael sends special appreciation to his music producer of 30+ years Pepper Jay, musical director Larry Beaird, Evan Hutchings on drums, Eli Beaird on bass, Troy Lancaster on electric guitar, Mike Rojas on keys, Justin Schipper on steel guitar, Kris Donegan on acoustic guitar, Jim “Jimbo” DeBlanc (tracking / BGV engineer), Rob Lane (Vocal Engineer), David Buchanan (mix engineer), and gorgeous background vocals of Tania Hancheroff, just to name a few. John Michael Ferrari loves performing. His favorite saying

“There’s never a stranger in the audience.” - JMF

Please check out for John Michael Ferrari’s more complete bio, tour schedule, and kudos, etc.


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