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Top 25 : Bishop Anthony J. Freeman's first book "Are You Serious?"

Updated: May 10, 2022

The title “Are you Serious?” was chosen because the author believe that we sometimes take life to seriously. Chronicles of a journey in Faith that is inspiring, edifying and insightful to a person of any age.


Bishop Freeman starts off by saying, if “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get next.” (From the movie Forrest Gump) Some of his chocolates are melted, because his life has not turned out the way that he intended from what he thought it to be.

Life has different challenges, and obstacles that change us. This book is about some of the highs and lows of his personal life. The title “Are you Serious?” was chosen because he believes that sometimes people take life to seriously. We don’t laugh enough at ourselves because we are too busy laughing at others, to take the attention off of ourselves.

As you read each chapter, you will see that his life has not always been easy. He had to endure some of those things because it comes from within, the upbringing of his Grandparents faith helped to sustain him while "the fantastic four" saved his life. Looking back at some of the things he did and has have to ask himself, “are you serious right now?

"No two days are the same. Real faith is not stagnant. People that talk faith do not impress me at all because talk is cheap. When you put your faith in action, is when others will take notice". - Bishop Anthony J. Freeman

If you are looking for a book that is full of Spiritual perfection and obtained goals, this is not that book, you don’t have to read it. He admits his mistakes that he wishes he could go back in time and change, but you know as well as him, we can’t do that.

Bishop Freeman does believe in transparency. He doesn't see how people can help people that are really hurting, unless the titles and gold crosses are put down. People need to hear someone they can relate to.

Writing a book was one of things on Bishop Freeman's bucket list, taking many years to get to but now completed. Finding his inspiration in his morning coffee and time with the Lord.

It is his prayer that you will be inspired, and encouraged as you laugh and maybe cry a little, as you see that it possibly relates to your own personal life.

RTM strongly recommends Are You Serious? to its readership debuting on TOP 25 List ®


AJ Freeman


Born in Medina, NY and raised in Springfield, Ohio, AJ Freeman grew up as a part of a large Christian family where there were always numerous stories and antidotes going around from numerous family gatherings. There were often gatherings that would lead to the entire room laughing to tears. It was here that he learned,

"There is laughter and fun in being a Christian"-Bishop Freeman

AJ Freeman was always an animated child and liked performing in front of an audiences. In high school, he was acknowledged for his talents and received a scholarship to Central State University in Music Education and Performance. After his studies ended, he began to work in the theater where he starred and acted in a few plays.

Pastor Freeman released a music CD in 2010 and began working on a second CD soon after. He felt the desire to focus on his ministry and was then elevated to the office of Bishop in 2017.

Bishop Freeman is a man of vision, desire, and dreams. He felt a need to write this book to let others know of the legacy of his grandparents and their faith. He hopes that sharing their stories of love, laughter, and hope with the world will allow others to know that laughter and faith can truly coexist.

He has 3 grown sons, Anthony Jr., Tyler, and Travis Freeman, and he loves The Lord Jesus with all of his heart.

"I remember coming home after a long work day, and they would rush the door to hug and kiss me when I came in, every single night, those are the memories that saved my life."-Bishop Anthony J. Freeman

Below is where you can purchase this book and get more information on this author. Author email address and Booking # (614) 434-6154.


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