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The Organic Beauty Market

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Free of any parabens, SLS, mineral oils or animal ingredients, Dubble Trubble has been developed using Daniel Galvin Jr’s extensive research and knowledge of the organic market. Created and launched in response to the growing demand for natural and organic children’s haircare and body products, but without the price tag.

Daniel Galvin Jr on the new Dubble Trubble range: “I was always interested in what went in to baby shampoos, so in 2000, after my son was born, I began my research into ingredients in bathroom beauty products. The chemicals in haircare products today can ‘charge–up’ kids the same way sugar and junk foods can and 60% of synthetic ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin, so you can only imagine the harm it causes to children in the long run. Their delicate skins can be stripped of oil and children can often develop asthma or eczema.”

The Dubble Trubble collection is targeted for children between the ages of 3 – 12 years old.

Duchy Originals In 2002, Daniel Galvin Jr became a licensee for the first ever Duchy Originals beauty products range, which was launched in 2004. The range has since gone a long way in educating consumers about organic ingredients and their benefits.

Daniel’s previous research and knowledge helped to develop the new Duchy Originals range, which launched exclusively in Waitrose in October 2009.

Duchy Originals was one of the first ranges to be awarded Soil Association Certification (COSMOS compliant) for new, stricter criteria. Including product improvements using recycled and recyclable packaging and higher specification materials including the eco-friendly and biodegradable nature of the product. These beauty products are the first to be both Soil Associated Certified to the new higher standards with a Royal Warrant.

Daniel Galvin Jr began working for Jose Eber in Beverley Hills, where his regular clients included Hollywood elite including Paula Abdul, Belinda Carlisle and Sharon Osborne. After a three-year stint in the U.S, he returned to London to his father’s Mayfair salon. In 2008, he decided to work from a private studio and travel the world for private clients.

Daniel’s two current projects, Dubble Trubble and oh!Organic Head, are sold exclusively at The price point starts at just $8.99.

An experienced television hair expert, Daniel has appeared on GMTV and OK! TV and his salon is regularly featured in E4’s Made In Chelsea.

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