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TOP 10 | Jenkins Pens Novel that is 'Out of this World'

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Heaven on Hartha launches to international acclaim, blasts into Reviews & Trends Magazine's TOP 10 ®

Reviews & Trends Magazine Features Author:

Daisy Jenkins

Daisy Jenkins, Esq. has been writing since the tender age of nine. When still in elementary school, Jenkins scripted her very first play and she’s been refining her storytelling skills ever since. “There’s something magical about putting my thoughts on paper and allowing my imagination to flow,” says Jenkins, a retired HR executive, coach, speaker, attorney, and author. “Once I begin the process, my imagination takes off.”

Jenkins’ inspiration and ideas are often born out of her own, lived experiences. With passion and compassion, Jenkins’ work often addresses issues of social injustice that most impact her life, and the lives of her loved ones. As a Black woman in America, Daisy’s writings are informed by her first-hand accounts. “I’ve seen and experienced a lot in my 73 years; the good, the bad, the ugly,” she reflects.

“There’s something magical about putting my thoughts on paper and allowing my imagination to flow.” - DJ

Often a labor of love, Jenkins will spend between twelve and sixteen months writing book-length works, of which she’s written three: Within the Walls: A Journey Through Sexism and Racism in Corporate America (Wheatmark Publishing (WP), 2015), The Green Machine (WP, 2017), and Heaven on Eartha (WP, 2021). The process and timeline depends on the amount of research that goes into a project. “My first two books were “faction” (a combination of facts and fiction) and took a bit longer to put together than Heaven,” she explains. “There was significant research involved in the writing of Heaven, since I wanted to accurately depict space travel and the human impact.”

When she isn’t writing, Jenkins enjoys time with family. “I’ve been married to the same wonderful man for almost 55 years and love spending time with him. I also enjoy time with my sons, grandchildren, sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, cousins, extended family, and friends.” And despite her busy schedule, Jenkins always makes for God through a rich prayer life and daily Bible study. “And I walk walk 5-6 miles daily,” she brags, “which is not bad for a 73 year old!”

The Earth travels an average of 584 million miles as it orbits the Sun each year. After 73 years on this planet – 42 billion miles traveled – Jenkins and her imagination haven’t grown tired. “Many people are surprised by what I write at my age. It’s as if they think your imagination and creativity go dormant after a certain age,” she observes of her readers. “I love throwing out zingers and causing people to think beyond what they actually see as an “end state”, and reach for the unseen challenges and opportunities that are just waiting for them to explore.”

RTM strongly recommends Heaven on Eartha to our Sci-Fi readership.


About Heaven on Eartha!

On a historic space mission, five female American astronauts soar into the galaxy, only to discover that their intended destination has mysteriously changed to an unknown planet. They land on Planet Eartha, which is very similar to Planet Earth, except its population is 98 percent female and it's ruled by ten powerful female leaders known as Supreme Highnesses. These women use their superpowers as part of their mission to address concerns on Earth, including social injustice, mistreatment of under-served populations, religious hypocrisy, and exploitation of young girls.

When the Supreme Highnesses decide to bring five of the worst offenders from Earth to Eartha for a period of reckoning, they designate the astronauts to help fulfill this mission. These five evil individuals, who become known as the Travelers, believe they are selected for the journey to Eartha through a lottery sponsored by America's National Space Center. They think they're the luckiest people on Earth -- until they arrive at their destination and discover what the Supreme Highnesses have planned for them. Will their sins come back to haunt them in painful, unimaginable ways? Can they even survive the retribution that awaits them on this powerful, unfamiliar planet?

The ultimate lesson the Travelers learn is one that all people on Earth today would do well to heed: Never underestimate the power of women on a mission to bring justice to those who have used inequality and exploitation for personal gain.


Daisy Jenkins, Esq.E

HR Executive | Coach | Speaker | Attorney | Author

Daisy M. Jenkins, Esq., is president of Daisy Jenkins and Associates and a retired human resources executive with more than forty years of experience in the defense and health care industries. She has written two previous novels, Within the Walls: A Journey Through Sexism and Racism in Corporate America and The Green Machine, which captures the devastation of the mass imprisonment of Black males. Jenkins has also published several articles in The Root,, and the Huffington Post, including “Pro Athletes, Big Winners and Losers When the Career Clock Goes to Zero”; “The Roberts Court Gave Affirmative Action Its Last Rites, It’s Up to Us to Revive It”; “Justice Department’s Anti-Smoking Efforts Exclude Black Media”; and “Teaching Black Girls to Be Beautiful.” She is a woman of faith and a staunch education advocate, and she mentors diverse professionals across the country.

Community affiliations include The University of Arizona (UA) Foundation Board of Trustees, Pima County Health Care Benefits Board of Trustees, Women United, Tucson Airport Authority, UA James E. Rogers College of Law Board of Visitors, UA President’s Black Community Council and Tucson Unified School District African American Advisory Council. Jenkins is a dedicated education advocate for African American student achievement. Jenkins is also a proud member of Las Donás de Tucson.

Jenkins holds bachelor’s and masters’ degrees in Communication from the University of Hawaii and a Juris Doctor from the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law. She is a member of the State Bar of Arizona.

Jenkins has been married to Fred C. Jenkins, Jr. for 54 years and has two sons, Kevin and Fred, III, and 11 wonderful grandchildren: Chawn, Tyler, Cedric, Izzy, Ché, Kevin Jr., Jadon, Mońet Daisy, Isaiah, Khalil, Ahkil, and Lynnea. She is an active member of Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church.


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