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Australian Author’s Break-out Novel Wows Readers

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Andrew Hood was born in Victoria Australia in 1973 and is an Author, Blogger, Salesman and Family man. In 2020, Hood releases his first novel, The Man Who Corrupted Heaven (published by Peregrino Press (an imprint of TitleTown Publishing), Green Bay, WI, USA.

Book Synopsis

Isaac is cold, unfeeling, and wildly successful. After experiencing the loss of his mother and living his childhood in an orphanage, he gained everything as a businessman. Everything but emotion.

When Isaac is diagnosed with terminal cancer and realizes that his time on Earth is severely limited, he decides to take some of his money with him rather than leaving it all to John Hannebury (his best friend and business partner) or Susan Mitchell (his personal assistant and only other friend). He wants his position of power to continue on the other side.

In heaven, Isaac is given the chance to revisit pivotal moments in his life and see them through a different perspective. He visits the present and finds his friends miserable and nearly dysfunctional without him. Will Isaac finally come around and understand what love is through a final act of self-sacrifice?


Absolutely loved it. Devoured it in 24 hours! Easy to read and very interesting perspective of life after death. - Goodreads Reviewer   I love a book that presents a philosophical standpoint interwoven with a story. You get the chance to enjoy the authors storytelling, but also get the chance to stop and process the philosophical standpoint that the author is approaching the story from. (Very Paulo Coelho, an author I love) - Goodreads Reviewer This book wasn't anything like I expected it to be. I started to read it because I couldn't imagine how heaven could be corrupted. Fully prepared not to like it. Instead it flew into my list of all-time best reads because it was different. It was also captivating and absorbing with characters who, although flawed, were likable. I can't wait for the next titles - Goodreads Reviewer   I am an avid reader of all genres and this book was on my Xmas reading list. It kept my attention from the first page to the last, great characters & interesting tale...I was a bit disappointed it actually I wanted to what would happen next...!! - Goodreads Reviewer   Really enjoyed discovering the characters and the story! Loved the twists as they unfolded. Also gave me time to reflect on the most important things in life! Great read ... cant wait for the next book - Goodreads Reviewer   An easy but thought-provoking read. Some great imagery and concepts. A fast-paced flow that left me reading "just one more chapter" until I'd suddenly finished it and was left keen for a sequel - Goodreads Reviewer


About the Author

Andrew Hood was born in Victoria Australia in 1973 and is an Author, Blogger, Salesman and Family man.

His personal blog The Weekly Tipping Point was awarded No.39 in the "Top 101 Best & Most Inspiring Blogs" and he has been a guest blogger on 'The Guided Mind' and 'Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life' blogs since 2014.

Andrew's insight in the human psyche and willingness to share his learnings with the world has earned him feedback such as:

....What a wonderful style of authenticity, raw emotion, pure energy and a desire for life....

.... Reading through your lines one feels relaxed and confident, almost elevated standing beside a man in his true power....

.... You have a gentle and impactful way to remind your readers about the gift of life and life experiences....

Andrew's breakout novella "Suggesting Murder" is merely an introduction to his writing.


Andrew Hood Featured in Autumn Edition of eYs Magazine: Australia

Excerpt from eYsMagazine (used with permission):

Award-winning Australian writer of the “The Weekly Tipping Point” blog, Andrew Hood, has released his breakout novel “The Man Who Corrupted Heaven” to rave reviews. The book follows the death of a man, before his eyes as he crosses over from this life to the next. This gives him a new perspective on the successes and failures of his life and shows him the true nature of those that he cared for. He sees that the lives of those he loved are falling apart without his guidance and he needs to make the ultimate deal with Heaven to save them.


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