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Karla Brooks 'Lights Up' with Happiness!

In a world where loneliness has reached epidemic numbers, Brooks creates, connects, and inspires community.

With an insatiable curiosity about people, Karla Brooks is always on the lookout for the things that bring happiness not only in her life, but for others as well. In fact, Brooks and her friends have been on the look out for the daily miracles that cause people to pause and say, "It makes me happy!" With a circle of friends that have traveled the globe and developed a safe space offering each other love and acceptance where healing and empowerment have taken root and flourished, they realized the need in the world for this level of connection.

In 2006, the group of ladies, known among themselves as the "Goddesses," decided to take their simple technique of looking for the meaningful moments in everyday life and share it with the world by self-publishing a book. With the signature smiling bouncy balls, the It Makes Me Happy organization was born to share their simple concepts, yet profound impacts, of expressing love, appreciation, and gratitude infusing others with the same happiness they had found.

As life led the Goddesses through various stages and phases, they continued to encourage and support each other, and those around them to find that happiness and everyday miracles.

In 2018 a national survey done by Cigna revealed that nearly half of all Americans identified themselves as lonely. Karla knew what had to be done. It was time to dust off the smiling balls and start spreading joy and happiness again!

"Circle of Friends" groups have begun to sprout as the same types of friendships and community the Goddesses celebrate are fostered. It Makes Me Happy, or IMMH as it is also known, has become a movement of spreading joy and eliminating loneliness.

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