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Top 25 : "Guide to Wealth" with Kevin Lewis

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Historically Black Guide To Wealth: Financial Liberty For African Americans is written to help the 99% understand what the 1% already do. Rising into Reviews & Trends Magazine's TOP 25 List ®

In African American culture, there is a constant reminder that there is an American Dream. But there are those of us who aren’t sure what it is or how to get

there, so it remains just that—a dream. This book is for you. It is written

for people who see millionaires and billionaires continually displaying

the power and lifestyles that financial liberty provides and who are left

wondering how that liberty manages to be passed on from generation to


RTM strongly recommends Historically Black Guide To Wealth: Financial Liberty For African Americans to its readership.


"To build wealth, we need to be able to tap into the limited resources we have and develop a system for turning those resources into steady, consistent, and tangible growth."

People often spend a great deal of time reading books and other publications, following blogs, or listening to podcasts that discuss the latest, greatest, low-effort way to achieve financial freedom. Some of those sources contain advice based on sound principles that can work for anyone.

Very few of the sources address the unique financial challenges that minorities are likely to face as they set out to build and pass on wealth—particularly African Americans, who started out behind in this country and seldom have the same advantages afforded their white peers.

This book was made to address wealth in a way that uses your story, or a story that may be more familiar. Your dilemmas are not the same as those of the majority. This book uses tactics to combat our specific obstacles to build a better, more financially liberal black America.


Kevin M. Lewis


Kevin Lewis is the CEO and Principal Consultant at Premisien Credit Counseling which is a full- service Credit Counseling service focusing on personal and business credit. The company specializes in helping disadvantaged individuals understand both personal and business credit and how to leverage them for financial liberty. Premisien Credit Counseling is much more than a credit repair agency. The emphasis is on counseling and working diligently to provide clients customized solutions that address their credit challenges.

Kevin received his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Virginia State University, his Master of Business Administration in Global Management from University of Phoenix and is pursuing a Doctorate in Accounting from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. He is also a Certified Credit Counseling Specialist. His passion is to help communities understand and overcome the obstacles that are causing the wealth disparities in the United States. To that end, he works tirelessly to ensure that his clients reach the level of success they work so diligently to achieve.

"What I understand much more fully now is how budgets, credit, assets, and asset acquisition work together to create the life that few people have but most people dream of."-KL

In college, Kevin started on a journey that would have him filing bankruptcy at age 30. He did not understand finances and was not taught in school. In addition, the books he read regarding money seem to have excluded some of the major challenges African-Americans face in the financial arena.

This book was written to help young black people in America understand how to manage their money and achieve wealth so they do not suffer the same consequences he did.

Kevin got the inspiration for this book from his everyday clients and personal experiences. In 2001 after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, his life was changed for the better. He also in that moment realized that it talked at a level that may not resonate with people in his community and with his background. He spent two years writing this book writing a chapter every day until the structure was built.

Kevin created a business behind the principles outlined in this book. Premisien Credit Counseling specializes in helping disadvantage individuals understand both personal and business credit and how to leverage them for financial liberty. This book is a hands on experience and workbook to fully highlight each individual and there financial situation. Also providing insight on struggles most of his clients have had and questions they have faced when it comes to money.


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