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Mcclenton's Latest Children's Book is a "Camp Out"

Inez Mcclenton releases latest children's book: "Jeremiah's Camp Out"

Jeremiah's campout is a little story about some boys getting together to hang out and Jeremiah's backyard for camp out and enjoy the outside alone on the camp out is their Uncle Willie to help watch over him and tell camp stories.

RTM strongly recommends Jeremiah's Camp Out to our Children Book readership.


About Inez Mcclenton

Inez Mcclenton, writing children books is something that she's always wanted to do. She Thanks God for giving her a vivid imagination to make a book come to life and be proud of it. She likes to give thanks to her artist David Sanchez who brings her book to life with my ideas and his creativity.

Her inspiration comes from her children my son DeAndre and daughter Kyra for pushing her publish her writing.

It takes Inez about 40 minutes to write a skit and her artist takes 2 weeks to put her ideas to his drawing board. This is a dream of hers, she always wanted to do books because she had this vivid imagination since childhood. The most surprising and interesting thing about creating a book is once you see ideas brought to life in the artwork and the words beside it to make a book. It's so exciting to see and she thanks God for that. She started publishing her books this year and has been writing them for years and just couldn't find an artist that would stay on key and help her create her book. She now has a good artist Daniel Sanchez, he keeps her going with writing more and illustrations that make the stories come to life.

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