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A Journey of Imagination and Resilience: The Literary World of Eboniè P. Fields

Crafting Magical Adventures for Children with Poet and Author Eboniè P. Fields

In the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, Eboniè P. Fields, a distinguished poet and children’s book author, weaves stories that transport young readers to realms of magic and wonder. With a rich background in journalism and business, Fields has become a beloved figure in children’s literature, known for her vivid storytelling and enchanting narratives.

Fields' latest work, "Lenny and Leila and the Magical Hummingbirds," epitomizes her talent for crafting adventures that resonate with children and adults alike. This tale follows two siblings on a fantastical journey across America, guided by mystical hummingbirds. The story not only entertains but also imparts lessons about the importance of family and the comforts of home.

Drawing from her childhood in Jamaica and her travels across the United States, Fields finds inspiration in her vibrant experiences and the joyous escapades of her youth. “When I write, I draw my inspiration from my experiences exploring the beautiful island of Jamaica and traveling to different cities in the U.S. that have brought me enlightenment and culture,” Fields explains. She connects these experiences to the universal dreams of children, hoping to ignite their imaginations as her childhood heroes once ignited hers.

Fields’ approach to writing is methodical and heartfelt. She begins with a simple idea jotted down in her journal, which gradually evolves into a rich tapestry of characters and dialogues, meticulously detailed in her writings. “My writing process begins with me taking a story idea and writing it down in my personal journal," she shares. Over time, these ideas blossom into full narratives that undergo rigorous revisions and heartfelt readings to close family and peers, ensuring each story resonates deeply with its audience.

Despite her success, Fields’ journey has not been without challenges. The early days brought their share of skepticism from critics and the daunting hurdles of publication. However, Fields remained undeterred, finding strength in her faith and the supportive community she built around her. “I overcame my challenges by letting go of negative energy that was weighing me down and preventing me from soaring to success,” she reflects. This resilience has allowed her to continue creating impactful stories that

champion values of love, friendship, and family unity.

For Fields, the reader's role is central to her narrative strategy. She crafts each story with the hope of forging a strong connection between her characters and her audience, inviting readers into the vivid scenes she paints with her words. “I write in hopes that the reader will connect with my characters and vividly place them in the story for a magical adventure,” she states, emphasizing her desire for readers to leave with a renewed appreciation for the enduring themes of her works.

Outside of her literary pursuits, Fields is an avid hiker, finding creativity and solace in the sweeping landscapes of Arizona. This connection to nature not only fuels her imagination but also reflects her philosophy of perseverance and limitless potential. “When you're high on a mountain top you are reminded of how big and beautiful the world is and that your dreams are limitless; you just need to keep on climbing until you reach all of them,” she muses.

Eboniè P. Fields continues to inspire with her dedication to crafting engaging and meaningful stories for children. Her work not only enchants but also educates, leaving a lasting impact on her readers and setting a high standard for children's literature. As she plans her future projects, one thing remains clear: Fields is a vital voice in the tapestry of contemporary storytelling, inviting us all to dream a little bigger and climb a little higher.


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