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New Book Honors American Cops Who Fought in War on Terror

David R. Shearman & James Taman Team Up To Pay Tribute To Brothers in Arms

Outside the Wire in Blue is a cop story simply unlike any other. This is a first-hand account of a Department of Defense Counter-Insurgency Program that quietly recruited and contracted highly experienced and tenured domestic police officers from the streets of America’s largest cities and dropped them into the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan to help lead the fight against the radical terrorist groups.

Born out of the fierce fighting experienced in Fallujah, Iraq, and the devastatingly effective new weapon—the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) used by Al Qaeda—Iraq (AQI) U.S. Army and Marine Corps leaders recognized that contemporary tactics and strategies were ineffective against an insurgency that acted more like thugs and criminals than a regular fighting force. The question that plagued these leaders was who within their arsenal of warriors understood organized crime, the mindset of street criminals, and the tactics and techniques of gangs? The solution was not found within the DOD. It was found, though, in their "brothers in blue," American Law Enforcement Officers.

In this book Dave and JT tell the incredible story of how a "Band of Brothers in Blue" find themselves in precarious and unusual situations while advising, fighting, and dying alongside their military counterparts in the fight against the Taliban Insurgency. This factual account begins with the story of co-author, JT Taman, who narrowly survived a horrendous roadside IED attack, his recovery, and eventual return to Afghanistan to his command of the LEPs in Afghanistan. Throughout the book, the authors chronicle the experiences of their fellow Law Enforcement Professionals, LEPs, who faced unforeseen personal challenges, engaged in life-threatening missions, and honor the memories of those who would paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to this country.

The story of the American Police Officer going “Outside the Wire in Blue” is a must read for anybody interested in the untold story of patriotic, selfless, and ordinary cops who answered the call to serve, yet again.

Outside the Wire in Blue is available at


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