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Nurse Jesse's Approach to Wellness Brings Hope and Health to the World Around Her.

‘Nurse’ Jesse is more than the traditional description of a person caring for a person’s physical needs. ‘Nurse’ Jesse promotes, trains, fosters and develops new dimensions of life in others, and in the process enhances that life within herself. After focusing too much on ‘checking the boxes;’ achieving socially acceptable goals, (i.e. academic degrees, ideal weight, marriage, kids, dream house) always striving... she realized that one cannot earn happiness. She now views life not as a process of achieving specific external goals such weight loss, job titles or salaries. She sees a ‘healthy life’ is a wholesome, holistic life, leading others to be aware that wellness is not just about the body, but the whole person, including positive thinking and an expansive view of life; a healthy mind, body and spirit. Now, her job is her personal mission, rather than a project, function, or series of actions to be carried out. Her mission is to help people realize their inherent worth as loved children of God.

Jesse and her husband, Ben, have been married since 2000 and have two daughters. A lifetime native of Northeast Wisconsin, Jesse enjoys running, water sports, stand up paddle boarding, traveling and hiking (including Mount Kilimanjaro). She continuously challenges herself to never lose a sense of curiosity and to never stop growing. Embracing her “messiness,” she is authentic and relatable. She is a firm believer that “all learn and all teach” empowering others to share their gifts for the good of all.

Jesse has spent her career coaching and mentoring people in various ways, from a fitness trainer (and later, Health and Fitness Director) with the YMCA to a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach and Consultant for a local healthcare institution. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology/Exercise Science and a Bachelors in Nursing. She is Wellcoaches (ACSM) Health and Wellness Coach trained and brings over 20 years of knowledge of health, wellbeing, disease management and human behavior with her to her public speaking career. Jesse’s passion and authenticity has people feeling inspired and empowered and like they have found a long lost friend.

Jesse is the Lead Facilitator at It Makes Me Happy! where she offers corporate keynotes, and workshops that offer a fresh perspective and new take on mindfulness, gratitude, and resilience. As she leads people to address thoughts which lead to anxiety and increased stress levels, she encourages them to flip those thoughts to improve overall wellbeing and job performance. As of April, 2020 Jesse also returned to traditional nursing as an Emergency Room nurse.

Writing has been therapeutic to Jesse and she hopes that readers will connect with her writing to uncover deeper parts of their faith and life’s journey.


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