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Top 25 : "Mother Trucker" with Missy Ryckman

Mother Trucker: Because It's Never Too Late! is about a white-collar forty-five-year-old woman who finds herself in a rut. She’s tired of the life she’s been living and wants more. One night, while considering her midlife crisis, she has an epiphany and leaves everything behind to become an “over the road” truck driver. Driving into Reviews & Trends Magazine's TOP 25 List ®

It’s not easy being a woman in a male-dominated occupation, but Sandy is lucky. She meets four other women at a night school training program. The five become fast friends and form relationships to last a lifetime. With the help of her pals and a new lease on life, Sandy discovers the passion she’d been missing.

RTM strongly recommends Mother Trucker: Because It's Never Too Late! to its readership.


Sandy had spent the last month pouring over every article, website, and YouTube video that she could find. Hard work was ahead of her. She wasn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty, or at least, she didn’t think so.

She’d sat in an office for so long, she was almost afraid she wouldn’t be able to keep up. But she knew she wouldn’t give up. This was now going to be her life. She knew that people from all walks of life lived on the road: big, small, fat, and skinny. Sure, she was fat, but so were a lot of truckers. She could do this. She knew it.

Her biggest worry was the physical fitness test. She’d spent the last few weeks walking a little bit further every night. She didn’t want to embarrass herself when it came time for the test. This was her only worry.

“Welcome to Tennessee,” the sign read, as the bus eased on down the road. Getting closer, she thought, as she shifted in her seat, closed her eyes, and tried to sleep a little more. But sleep was not so easy to come by. The sounds and smells made sure of that, and her brain absolutely would not shut off. After two more states, she would be there, and her training would start. Giving her new life and fresh start.


Missy Ryckman


Author Missy Ryckman draws from her own life experiences in this hilarious, heartfelt book about rediscovering yourself. Missy is a mother of three grown children and a newly anointed grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter.

She gave up her white-collar career to get her Commercial Driver’s License and now drives for an Illinois-based trucking company. Mixing her love of photography and sharing her travels online, she writes and photographs her way across the continental United States.

"Sweet and sassy Mother Trucker is Smokey and the Bandit meets Bridesmaids and filled with comedy, emotion, and some embarrassing adventures across America."-MR

Missy said for years she was going to write a book. She loves writing. It was always a life goal to write a book and when she entered the trucking industry she knew early on what her 1st book was going to be about. Missy's original plan was to write about her and now ex-husband and two dogs and all the adventure over the road. She was about 2 weeks into training on the road and when she was driving East on I-80 in Wyoming along Green River and the sun was just rising over the mountains in that moment she knew it was time. She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote it down. This was it!

After all these years of just saying the words, she finally put pen to paper so to speak, and jumped in with both feet. After her last child graduated high school, her ex-husband talked her into selling their family business. But within seven months of them trucking together, he left, hating every aspect of Over the Road life. After crying, and having a pity party, she pulled up my big girl panties. The 1st draft was toast so to speak. She asked "Who wants to hear about a husband going bat shit crazy and leaving?" So she started over.

She decided to create a character based mostly on herself entering trucking in her mid forties. She pulled her emotion from a past life when she was single and hated her time as a property manager, and Sandy, the main character was born. Missy wanted her character to be a relatable woman, but single, and definitely didn’t want a divorce to be part of the story.

She spent many nights driving and talking to her girl friends about what they wanted their character names to be. Most names were changed to protect the guilty, but most of the stories and adventures, and even the embarrassing things that happened along the way are true. Missy states "I guess you could say it’s an auto-biographical fiction."


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