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Siller says Yes! to Another New Pet

Another New Pet? Yes! reveals a true story of the Siller sisters and their household “zoo” adopted onto Reviews & Trends Magazine's TOP 25 List ®

The story of 3 little girls who lived in Cape Coral Florida and there love for pets, always wanting just one more to fill there house with. Luckily there parents said "Yes!" Alot so this is where the story begins.

RTM strongly recommends Another New Pet? Yes! to its readership.


"In this delightful tale, the girls learn all about responsibility and covenant, while also discovering tools to cope when a pet dies."

Another New Pet? Yes! Is the true story about three sisters who learn all about responsibility and covenant, while taking care of all the pets in their household zoo. They also learn how to cope when a pet leaves this life and crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

The ultimate lesson: Having Pets in your home comes with many responsibilities but also brings much joy to a home, learning how to care for animals in their life and learning coping in their death.


Theresa Corbley Siller


Theresa Corbley Siller is known for her book “Another New Pet? Yes!, is the true story of the Siller sisters and their household “zoo”. In this delightful tale, the girls learn all about responsibility and covenant, while also discovering tools to cope when a pet dies. Today all three daughters have their own houses and their own beloved pets, but they no longer have an entire “zoo”, just fond memories of it!

"I began stapling together construction paper “books” when I was 5 years old. I’ve always loved trying to figure out the most compelling way to tell a story. "-TS

Often a labor of love, Siller gets inspiration and ideas for her books from real life experiences. When one of her dance students performed in the play, "You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown", she was so inspired by her she wrote a review. Siller sent it to the local newspaper, and they gave her a column! She then went on to publish 5 books!

Siller's recent Young Adult novel, What Happened at Soaring High Dance Academy? God Happened., took her two years. Only about 6-9 months to write it, but so much editing and revising was something she learned was a process. She was proud and very grateful to God for the polished version, when she finally held it in her hands.

Siller has many notebooks and index cards lying all over the house and her car. When she thinks of a great phrase, she must get it down on paper before forgetting it. Mostly the notebooks are chicken scratch, and it’s a miracle all that scribble, at long last, becomes a book.

Her inspiration for my books comes from everyone she's ever met, both good and bad. She uses their patterns of speech, attitudes, etc. All people inspire her, especially their quirks. Siller's husband inspired her Young Adult novel, Meredith’s Triumph. Meredith is an obese teenager who is mercilessly bullied. Her husband was 5’9” at a dangerous 300 pounds, lost over 100 of them and ran The Marine Corps Marathon.

Her favorite books in childhood were Dr. Seuss books and all titles by Beverly Cleary, and "Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret" when she was a teenager.

In creating books, the most surprising thing Siller has learned is that she must be patient with all the revisions and editing. Polishing a book is not for the faint of heart. But it is all a labor of love!


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