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Author Spotlight: Alejandro Sosa Hernández

Alejandro Sosa Hernández releases his debut novel, Where Did the Good Americans Go?, currently this novel is being penned as a part of his high school senior year capstone project that explores careers in creative writing and the publishing industry.


Book Synopsis: Where Did the Good Americans Go?

His debut novel, Where Did the Good Americans Go?, is currently being penned as a part of his high school senior year capstone project that explores careers in creative writing and the publishing industry. It tells the story of a squadron of teenage mobsters in a near-future fascist United States striving to right one of the government’s biggest wrongs. Alejandro hopes that introducing his cast of characters to the literary world will call his readers’ attention to the frequent omission of Hispanic persons from mainstream media—especially those who are also a part of the LGBTQ+ community.


Alejandro Sosa Hernández-Author

Alejandro Sosa Hernández was born in Green Bay, WI, the proud child of two Yucatec immigrants. He attends Phantom Knight School of Opportunity, a public charter school focused on Project-Based Learning, where he is pursuing a senior project on creative writing & publishing. Alejandro also studies Japanese at St. Norbert College. He lives in De Pere with his family.

For him, creative writing was a hobby that got out of hand. In the sixth grade, he came across the book series Legend by Marie Lu, and after voraciously devouring the three books, he would soon be led into the world of fan fiction and online fandom culture. Fan fiction introduced him to creative writing, and as the years went on, it grew from a recreational hobby into a fully fledged passion. He didn’t have original fiction stories to which he truly committed until January 2019, when he came across a simple writing prompt that blossomed into a story that he loved to tell to himself and his friends. As the years went on, he would come up with more stories—including stories that reflected the difficulties that came with discovering he was queer.

Having gone through a long and arduous journey of self-discovery, he is aware of the impact that accurate and uplifting representation of marginalized persons can make. Consuming media that accurately represents people like him, such as the Netflix/Pop sitcom One Day at a Time and Benjamin Alire Sáenz’s 2012 novel Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, prompted him to ensure his voice was always heard.

In the future, Alejandro hopes to publish more novels and build his career, study creative writing in college, travel to Japan, and fall in love with the man of his dreams somewhere along the way (hopeless romanticism will do that to a person). When not writing, Alejandro can be found watching television sitcoms, listening to Lady Gaga, studying a foreign language, spending too much money at Popeyes, reading a novel, or seeking academic validation from his teachers and advisors.


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