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Take back the years with youthful, natural fillers

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Natural Facial Lifting brings pleasing results

Do you envision a new you with the high cheekbone look and a taunt face? Do you imagine the pleasant surprise when looking in the mirror after a filler injection, realizing that a lifting makes a pleasing difference? Or perhaps, seeing the “apples” in the cheeks that somehow needed rejuvenation?  Today, there are answers to these aging challenges to  bring a smile and a means to stop the clock somewhat.

Today, also, while plastic surgery does excellelnt in changing the facial structure, fillers are an alternative that can give good results without surgery for a certain time period. This depends on where one is at in the facial changing process, and what can be accomplished.  Here is where the plastic surgeon can guide the process, evaluate skin tone and features, and then make a recommendation on what will work for each individual person. Even minor touches in “setting back the clock” is a benefit. One has options and the physician leads in helping define the procedures and work with patient to set a plan for results.

Number one selling Derma Filler

Juvederm volbella XC is the world’s number one selling dermal filler collection. The filler provides a natural enhancement to the face without surgery. The subtle volume takes shape primarily in the lips and vertical lines above them, as well as increasing lift fullness and softening appearance –  Juvederm Fillers.  The overall result provides natural looks with up to 2 years for continuing results.  The Physician will explain and define where the most important lifting points are on the face.

Dr. Michael a Janich MD  plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon, Board of certified by the American Board of plastic surgery and American society to Aesthetic Surgery, is  located in Green Bay Wisconsin. The clinic is Provera Rejuvenate Plastic Surgery. Dr.Janich notes,” We take care of people with passion, pride and respect for our patients as the best place to give care.”

The procedure/s can take about an hour depending upon what points are going to be taken care of and it’s not unusual that the next morning a patient will wake up and look in the mirror and think- wow this really works. It has brought proven satisfaction,  for example, in the lip area –  96% of people treated are very satisfied with the improvement which lasts for about 1 to 2  years.

The average cost range for procedures on the cheeks, lips and eye areas are dependent upon the amount needed to apply for these features. There could be some bruising or light bleeding of the injected site, however,  generally speaking it’s very minimal.

For the nose and mouth area the lines, where the parenthesis on the face and deeper lines along the side of the nose and mouth, can be applied.  The approved use of Juvederm XC injectable gel fills those facial wrinkles, and  folds, in a pleasant way without too much pain.

The physician defines just where an uplift is needed the most, which may be corner lines, vertical lip lines and individual needs.  For example,  the marionette lines are evaluated according to the doctor, and then the number of syringe treatments are determined accordingly.  There may be a few warnings to go along with the process of treatment,  but generally speaking there’s very little pain and  no down time because it is non-surgical.

As far as  costs this may require one syringe which would be approximately $550 for mouth lines;  maybe $550 for  wrinkles above the lips. Cost may run about $1,100 for fuller lips, $750 per packaging for these features. Overall the pricing may run up to $3,000 in regards to any additions.  Juvederm Voluma has a thicker consistency than Juvederm. This gives it unique lifting properties and leads to differences in where it can be placed. Juvederm Ultra Plus is also thicker than Juvederm, but not as thick as Voluma.  The Doctor can go into detail as needed per determining applications.

For example, filling out the nasolabial folds (the lines from the nose to the mouth) will take one or two syringes usually. One syringe will range from $450 to $600. Perlane and Juvederm Ultra Plus (the thicker versions) generally cost about $500 to$750 per syringe.

The procedures and fillers last approximately 2 years. Instructions include not to take aspirin prior to any treatments. And, to expect some discomfort and perhaps slight bruising after treatments, which may last a day or two.

This lifting process is natural, taking away some fine line aging accents on the face bringing a surprising youthful result.

To make an appointment:

Dr. Michael A. Janitch

Surgery – plastic and reconstructive surgery

(920) 431 – 1880

Often aesthetic services can enhance your appearance and confidence in a big way. Our experts provide many services to treat everything from fine lines and crepey skin to an uneven complexion and unwanted hair—all in a relaxing, spa-like setting.

Photography: Jevederm

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