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TEDx Manitou Springs Launches Inaugural Event

Mikki Gates, TEDxManitouSprings Organizer and Curator, and her Executive Team are thrilled to be hosting the inaugural Manitou Springs event with a truly community-focused, inclusive vision.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Andrew Carnegie

Curator. Leader.Connector. Inclusive. Fourth generation Colorado native Mikki Gates' community is very important to her. Beyond that, she has always wanted to support the greater good and connect with people who want to do more, be better, and spread messages that create a space to do these things.

In 2020, Gates’ community faced a year of separation, and isolation, but it was also a year that provided time to reflect and work towards the goals she always had but "didn't have time" to complete. It was during moments of reflection and growth that she thought about the types of connections that TED and TEDx create - not just in her community, but around the world. She had previously worked on a different TEDx event, so she understood the power of the TEDx name and the responsibility she’d have if she was to build an event of her own.

TEDxManitouSprings: MOVEMENT will have 12 thought-provoking, inspiring speakers who are ready to help restore our community and create a positive movement supporting our community and the world.They have partnered with Manitou Springs School District 14 to host the event and the students and staff at the local school district will be participating by volunteering, performing, and hosting experiential booths outside of the auditorium.

Speakers at TEDxManitouSprings: MOVEMENT include:

· Shari Alyse – America’s Joy Magnet, Speaker, and Author

· Michael Ashford – Growth Marketer

· Vivian Cobb – Professional Speaker and Emotions Advocate

· Elizabeth Domangue – Educational Leader & Champion for Students

· Ruben Gonzalez – Olympian and Award-winning Speaker

· Ryan Johnson – High School and College Educator

· Rob McKenna – Founder of WiLD Leaders

· Pepper Medina – Survivor, Speaker, and Author

· Holly Anne Mitchell – Speaker, Coach, and Hypnotist

· Audrey May Prosper – Antiviolence Activist and Educator

· Raj Subrameyer – Tech Career Strategist and Author

· Heather R. Younger – CEO and Founder of Employee Fanatix

Gates' shares that they have lots of sponsorship availabilities! They plan on holding events (both large and small) for years to come - so they're currently looking for partners who want to be part of this journey and who share our values. They also have in-kind sponsorship opportunities. Partner packages start as low as $99 up past $10,00 * * *


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