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The First Step to a Healthier Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

David Vanderheiden - NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I want to start this article by introducing myself. I am David Vanderheiden and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I am currently a trainer at Xperience Fitness in Green Bay and love what I do. I also have been on an amazing health and fitness journey and that got me to want to help people who need help in the same way.

When it comes to health and fitness, there are so many topics to cover. There will be many articles and topics covered and the amount of information you will get will blow your mind. I learn new facts and techniques every day. I never will know it all, but I know a lot, so strap in and let's get to it.

First step to health and fitness is to find what truly motivates you to get healthier and get in better shape. You must know that, or you will fall off the wagon quickly. Your motivation could be many different things. It could be something your doctor told you at your latest checkup like you blood pressure is high or something like your clothes from last year do not fit right.

Everyone has a light bulb moment, and it’s important to recognize that moment, in order to stay motivated. That's where a fitness professional like myself can help because we understand those moments and can identify them with you. My moment was when I was getting out of the shower and noticed myself in the mirror and was disgusted with what I saw, so I did something about it.

That is my challenge for you reading this article. Find what may be motivating to you and understand it. Like I said, it may not be an earth-shattering event, but it might be what takes you from, "I really should start working out," to, "I am starting to work out.” After you identify that motivation, you can now look at your goals. That will be in an upcoming article.

This is an amazing journey to start on. Let's enjoy the ride together.

David Vanderheiden is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer at Xperience Fitness in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He specializes in working with clients of different health levels, body types, and fitness levels to achieve their goals of improving their quality of life.


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