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Top 25 Indie | Boutique Book Publishers (Fall 2019)

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Indie & Boutique Publishers

Indie and boutique publishers are smaller publishing houses that tend to specialize in a specific subject area. Indie and boutique publishing is common in genres that demand a greater level of expertise or that are only saleable to a limited readership. This category also includes a range of small presses producing content of local and regional interest. These houses may tend to work in geographically smaller and more dedicated markets selling local authors and stories.

Gateways Books

Psychology, Spirituality

California, United States

Since 1971 Gateways has offered books on consciousness, metaphysics, self-transformation, inner work, the fourth way, transpersonal psychology, spiritual gaming, Judaica, and Afterlife Adventures...CONTINUE READING

121 Publications

Educational Books

New York, United States

121 Publications publishes educational books for people of all ages...CONTINUE READING

Jacana Media

South African Literature

South Africa

Over the past 18 (yes, 18!) years, we have provided the cutting edge of critical, adventurous and independent South African literature.

Having secured, through a buy-out, a future for the company in August last year, we are now the only major South African publishing house that is independent and owner-managed...CONTINUE READING

TitleTown Publishing

True Crime, Memoirs, Biographies, Faith & Spirituality

Wisconsin, United States

TitleTown Publishing was born from a wish made on Olympic ice at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy. TitleTown Publishing's founder, Tracy Ertl, rapidly grew her dream into a mainstream publishing company specializing in high-profile memoirs, survival tales, and true crime stories. Since its founding, TitleTown has had an international bestseller, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, a Barnes & Noble Bestseller, a book on the USA Today “Top 100 Books” list, and we’ve celebrated a three-week run on the New York Times Bestseller List. Our house’s stories have been optioned for film and television (with two, major motion pictures being released in 2019 and 2020), sold into multiple countries, and received extensive coverage through Reader’s Digest, People Magazine, the New York Times, Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, CBS Early Show, Dr. Phil, and The Hallmark’s Channel’s Home & Family show, to name only a few....CONTINUE READING

Imprints: TitleTown Publishing Children's, Peregrino Press, Olympic Press, Legacy Media, TEN23 Media

UIT Cambridge LTD.

Fiction, Non-fiction

United Kingdom

UIT Cambridge is an independent publisher based in Cambridge, England. Since 2003 we have been publishing books on a range of topics, with a focus on making important topics accessible to readers who don’t necessarily have specialist knowledge.

We are best known for our bestselling without the hot air series that presents the facts on important subjects without the hype and hot air that so often accompany them...CONTINUE READING

Gomer Press Limited

Adult & Children's Literature

United Kingdom

Gomer Press is a printing and publishing company based in Llandysul, west Wales. The company was first established in 1892 and is owned by the same family to this day. Jonathan Lewis, the great grandson of the company's founder, is the current managing director. Gomer Press today is both a thriving printing company and  publishing house and is the oldest in Wales.

Every year, we publish over 36 titles, specializing in books which have a distinctive Welsh identity...CONTINUE READING

Elva Resa Publishing LLC

Books for and About Military Families

Minnesota, United States

Founded in 1997, Elva Resa Publishing LLC is a small independent publishing company whose mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives...CONTINUE READING

Royal Irish Academy

Sciences, Humanities


The Royal Irish Academy champions research. We identify and recognise Ireland’s world class researchers. We support scholarship and promote awareness of how science and the humanities enrich our lives and benefit society. We believe that good research needs to be promoted, sustained and communicated. The Academy is run by a Council of its members. Membership is by election and considered the highest academic honour in Ireland...CONTINUE READING

Hesperus Press

English Classics, Modern Fiction

United Kingdom

Hesperus Press is an independent British publisher based in London, specializing in high quality, small format, English classics, along with translations of European classics and modern fiction. It will also be moving into translations of Arabic texts for the English-speaking market...CONTINUE READING

Incorgnito Publishing Press

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Biography, Self-help

Florida, United States

Incorgnito Publishing Press is a short story on its way to becoming a chronicle. We launched in January of 2015 after signing our first book, Never Foul A Jump Shooter which launched in March, followed immediately by our second book, The Chronicles of Ara: Creation also launched in March.

By the time our first book was out, we had set the schedule for the year. Our goal, from the beginning, was to represent authors’ works that quite simply entertain us. We look for stories, not genres; quality of work and potential, not a target number of books to launch per year...CONTINUE READING

New Generation Publishing

Fiction, Non-fiction

United Kingdom

New Generation Publishing was created in 2009 as part of award-winning independent book publisher Legend Press. New Generation became a company in its own right in 2011, offering an increased support, marketing and promotional team – one that could not just help authors become published but also help them market promote and sell their books...CONTINUE READING

Academic Foundation Academic Books


Academic Foundation (AF), based in New Delhi, is India’s leading independent publisher of academic/scholarly books in Social Sciences, specializing in Economics—Development Economics and Indian Economy in particular, and allied subjects. Besides its impressive author list, Academic Foundation is credited with publishing numerous works with large international organisations, Government of India, national think-tanks and NGOs of repute. AF has also published some prestigious coffee- table books, trade titles, a few textbooks and general reference books...CONTINUE READING

Carcanet Press

Modern and Classic Poetry, Fiction

United Kingdom

Welcome to Carcanet Press, one of the outstanding independent literary publishers of our time. Now in its fifth decade, Carcanet publishes the most comprehensive and diverse list available of modern and classic poetry in English and in translation, as well as a range of inventive fiction, Lives and Letters and literary criticism...CONTINUE READING

Independent Institute

Research Books

California, United States

The Independent Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan, public-policy research and educational organization that shapes ideas into profound and lasting impact through publications, conferences, and effective multi-media programs. Our mission is to boldly advance peaceful, prosperous, and free societies grounded in a commitment to human worth and dignity.

Applying independent thinking to issues that matter, we create transformational ideas for today’s most pressing social and economic challenges...CONTINUE READING

NBM Publishing

Graphic Novels

New York, United States

NBM is a leading critically acclaimed independent graphic novel publisher showcasing the diversity of comics from North America and Europe...CONTINUE READING

Disruption Books


New York, United States

Disruption Books is an independent publisher dedicated to publishing innovative nonfiction in a wide range of genres. Our books present big ideas that start conversations, shift perspectives, and influence outcomes. Our authors are leaders in diverse fields such as politics, business, activism, and philanthropy...CONTINUE READING

Peepal Tree Press Ltd.

Fiction, Poetry, Literary Criticism, Memoirs

United Kingdom

Peepal Tree is a wholly independent company, founded in 1985, and now publishing around 20 books a year. We have published over 300 titles, and are committed to keeping most of them in print. The list features new writers and established voices. In 2009 we launched the Caribbean Modern Classics Series, which restores to print essential books from the past with new introductions...CONTINUE READING

Royal British Columbia Museum

History, Research


The Royal British Columbia Museum is one of Canada's leading museums and research centres, a showcase of 550 million years of natural history and 9,000 years of human history in the province. When John Fannin, the Royal BC Museum’s first curator, published his Check List of British Columbia Birds in 1891, he set in motion a publishing program that has engaged and informed British Columbians for nearly 128 years. Since that first publication, the Royal BC Museum has released hundreds of works on diverse subjects...CONTINUE READING

Ammonite Press

Reference, Guide, & Gift Books

Florida, United States

Ammonite Press publishes illustrated reference, guide and gift books that bring the worlds of photography and biography, pop culture and history, self-improvement and self-help into sharper focus...CONTINUE READING

Triumph Books

Sports Books

Illinois, United States

Triumph Books is the nation’s leading sports book publisher. Founded in 1989, the Chicago-based independent publisher is committed to building relationships at all levels, consistently raising the bar for its customers and partners.

Triumph's catalog includes a wide range of titles, from biographies, memoirs, and reference books to “instant” collectible keepsakes that celebrate Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, and other national championships. Its "instant" program also features a mix of timely video game and entertainment titles...CONTINUE READING

Upstart Press

Fiction, Non-fiction, Children's Books

New Zealand

Upstart Press was started in late 2013 by Kevin Chapman (formerly Managing Director of Hachette NZ and Anne Geddes Publishing), Patricia Dunmore (the founder of Dunmore Press and an internationally published author) and Warren Adler (formerly Editorial Director of Hachette and previously a director of Rugby Press).

The aim of Upstart has always been to publish across the trade book categories (fiction, non-fiction and children’s) and primarily in areas that were of interest to the founders...CONTINUE READING

Mosaic Press

Literature, Fiction, Poetry


Mosaic Press was founded as a Canadian publisher dedicated to presenting significant and excellent Canadian writing. The first press release in 1975 declared “Mosaic is multi-cultural in its scope, and is concerned with the publication of works that reflect the Canadian ethnic mosaic.”

For over 40 years now, Mosaic Press has tried to hold to these ambitions. Broadway Musicals, crime mystery fiction, Chinese Military Theory…welcome to the fascinating mosaic that is Mosaic Press. We are all about variety, diversity and passion...CONTINUE READING

Quiller Publishing

Outdoors Books

United Kingdom

Quiller Publishing incorporates four imprints: Swan Hill Press, Quiller Press, Kenilworth Press, and The Sportsman’s Press; and is the leading publisher of country books in the UK with particular emphasis on fishing, hunting, cookery, humour, dog training, deer, falconry, equestrian and wildlife art...CONTINUE READING

Health Administration Press

Healthcare Management

Illinois, United States

Ours is a profession guided by the highest calling. To improve health for our patients and our communities. This is our True North.

In the field of healthcare, success is defined by the health and wellness of the people we serve.  As leaders we know that positive patient outcomes depend not only on the quality of care delivered by one physician or a single hospital, but also on the synergy of individuals and organizations working together to share best practices and influence the field...CONTINUE READING

Calithumpian Press

Children's Books

Florida, United States

Calithumpian Press is a boutique publishing company specializing in children’s books worth making noise about… books that deserve a parade, or a calithump.

Calithumpian Press was founded in 2012 and is the publisher of the award-winning KeeKee’s Big Adventures series...CONTINUE READING


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