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Top 25 Indie | Boutique Book Publishers (Spring 2019)

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Indie & Boutique Publishers

Indie and boutique publishers are smaller publishing houses that tend to specialize in a specific subject area. Indie and boutique publishing is common in genres that demand a greater level of expertise or that are only saleable to a limited readership. This category also includes a range of small presses producing content of local and regional interest. These houses may tend to work in geographically smaller and more dedicated markets selling local authors and stories.

Thrums Books

Textile Books

Colorado, United States

Thrums Books is part of a business collective which also includes both its parent company, Thrums LLC, and its sister company, ClothRoads, a global textile purveyor.

Those of us involved in these endeavors worked together at Interweave Press for many years, honing our skills and forging a tight-knit team. The years have taken us in different directions, but the core relationships remain, and the core commitment to supporting indigenous textile artisans worldwide. Some of us make books...CONTINUE READING

African American Images

Africentric Books

Illinois, United States

We have been a book publisher since 1980. We have published over

200 books for children and adults. We are also a consulting

firm to schools. We provide over 50 different workshops for educators, parents

and students. Our workshops are geared toward improving the academic

performance Black and Hispanic students...CONTINUE READING

Ediciones Lea

Spanish Books


Ediciones Lea was founded in 2002 by Pedro Ferrantelli and core creator Lea Magazine, a group of professionals with over 30 years experience in the publishing market...CONTINUE READING

Atelier26 Books


Oregon, United States

Atelier26 is an independent publisher in Portland, Oregon that exists to demonstrate the powers and possibilities of literature through beautifully designed and expressive books that get people listening, talking, and exchanging ideas. We believe that reading is far more than just another form of consumerism, that books are not static objects but living, thriving conveyances of human expression, thought, and emotion. We believe in literature as contemplation, conversation, and provocation. We believe books can foster community and cultural vitality...CONTINUE READING

NAHB BuilderBooks

Home Building Books

Washington DC, United States

Welcome to NAHB BuilderBooks, your source for education and training products for the building industry. As the publishing arm and official bookstore for the National Association of Home Builders, BuilderBooks offers award-winning publications, software, brochures, and more, with many available in both English and Spanish...CONTINUE READING

Te Papa Press

New Zealand Art, Culture, History, & Nature

New Zealand

Discover popular, award-winning books about New Zealand’s art, culture, and natural world. Te Papa Press titles are available from Te Papa Online Store and all good bookshops throughout New Zealand...CONTINUE READING

Birdsong Books

Children's Natural Science Books

Delaware, United States

Nancy Carol Willis founded Birdsong Books as an independent publisher of natural science books for children. Birdsong Books seeks to spark the delight of discovering our wild neighbors and natural habitats. We believe that knowledge and understanding of nature fosters caring and a desire to protect the Earth and all living things...CONTINUE READING

Melbournestyle Books

Children's Books


Welcome to Melbournestyle, publishers, gallery, store and design studio specialising in Beautiful, Original, Meaningful Melburniana, since 1994. We have created a unique range of gifts designed in Melbourne, inspired by Melbourne, and made in Melbourne.

We are passionate about the city of style, and aim to preserve and celebrate Melbourne's individual dignity, cultural distinction and local eccentricity. This is our credo. In a world that is increasingly global, homogeneous and predictable, we strive to offer a unique alternative...CONTINUE READING

Garlic Press

Educational Books

Illinois, United States

Garlic Press was founded in 1974 by Stan Collins, a public school teacher in Oregon. Garlic Press books are no-nonsense and straightforward, intended to teach mastery through practice. The titles are targeted for on-level students, homeschoolers, older learners needing to refresh skills, or progressive self-learners...CONTINUE READING

TitleTown Publishing

True Crime, Memoirs, Biographies, Faith & Spirituality

Wisconsin, United States

TitleTown Publishing was born from a wish made on Olympic ice at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy. TitleTown Publishing's founder, Tracy Ertl, rapidly grew her dream into a mainstream publishing company specializing in high-profile memoirs, survival tales, and true crime stories. Since its founding, TitleTown has had an international bestseller, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, a Barnes & Noble Bestseller, a book on the USA Today “Top 100 Books” list, and we’ve celebrated a three-week run on the New York Times Bestseller List. Our house’s stories have been optioned for film and television (with two, major motion pictures being released in 2019 and 2020), sold into multiple countries, and received extensive coverage through Reader’s Digest, People Magazine, the New York Times, Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, CBS Early Show, Dr. Phil, and The Hallmark’s Channel’s Home & Family show, to name only a few....CONTINUE READING

Imprints: TitleTown Publishing Children's, Peregrino Press, Olympic Press, Legacy Media, TEN23 Media

Bravebird Publishing

Feminist Books

Illinois, United States

Bravebird Publishing is a boutique publisher that brings feminist fiction to the market. We embrace fiction from all genres from memoir to science fiction as long as the story is entertaining and empowering to women...CONTINUE READING

University of Hertfordshire Press

Academic History

United Kingdom

Launched in 1992, University of Hertfordshire Press is a small academic press that seeks to both support the research community within our own University and to publish outstanding research from around the world.

We have developed a number of specialist areas within our list: in particular we are renowned for publishing local and regional academic history. We have 2 well-established series in this field and are also building locally based editorial panels with specialised knowledge of their region...CONTINUE READING

Holy Macro! Books

Microsoft Excel Guidebooks

Florida, United States

When you need Microsoft Excel help- whether it's solving an immediate emergency or simplifying a task - is there. is an entire community of Excel power users who are dedicated to helping you unleash the power of Excel.

Led by MrExcel himself, the community is always available to help you save time, create accurate, useful reports and make you the hero of your company meetings...CONTINUE READING

Cherrytree Books

Educational Books

United Kingdom

Cherrytree Books has gone through many reincarnations but it continues to have an excellent reputation in schools and libraries with its benchmark being creativity and quality in every area. So many great titles go out of print and languish in forgotten archives but, with experience and knowledge, it has been possible to bring back many popular titles into print for today’s child...CONTINUE READING

Minted Prose LLC Children's, Science Fiction, and Travel Books

New York, United States

We at Minted Prose are celebrating our 15th anniversary year in books in 2018 and recently found out that the US Library of Congress has acquired all of our books based on their selection criteria. Not every book is acquired by the Library. Our books are within their system and on their shelves, which enables patrons of the Library to request our books for research or simply for enjoyment...CONTINUE READING

Tumblehome Books

Nature Books

Massachusetts, United States

At Tumblehome Learning, we provide tools for students to become inspired to learn more about the natural and man-made worlds around them. In the spirit of Robert Noyce, the inventor of the integrated circuit, original founder of Intel and one of the fathers of Silicon Valley, we want every child to know that they too can change the world through their exploration of science...CONTINUE READING


Classic and Modern Literature


Publishing the most valuable of classical and modern literature is our strongest intention, in editions that satisfy us as demanding readers. Works inspired by the ideal of quality that we want to be our unmistakable distinctive as a publisher...CONTINUE READING

Cuidono Press

Historical Fiction, Fiction

New York, United States

Cuidono Press is a small publisher based in Brooklyn, publishing primarily historical fiction, fiction with international themes, and history...CONTINUE READING

Weddle's LLC Employment Guides

Connecticut, United States

Founded in 1999, Weddle’s LLC is a specialty publisher focusing on the field of employment. Our books are found in virtually every academic and public library, on the desks of countless corporate and staffing firm recruiters and on the bookshelves of working men and women worldwide.

Weddle’s biannual guides to Internet employment sites have been called the “Zagat of the online employment industry” by the American Staffing Association. In addition, our titles dealing with the changing world of work in the 21st century offer thought-provoking and innovative ideas for employers and workers alike...CONTINUE READING

Enitharmon Editions

Poetry, Art Books

United Kingdom

Enitharmon, founded in 1967, is an independent British publisher universally recognised for its high standards of production and editorial care.

Wolsak & Wynn

Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry


Welcome to Wolsak & Wynn, a charmingly contrary literary press based in beautiful post-industrial Hamilton, Ontario. We’ve been publishing challenging, enchanting, unusual and often award-winning books for over thirty-five years...CONTINUE READING

Arissa Media Group

Social Justice

New York, United States

Arissa Media Group (AMG) founded in f a project of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, is an all-volunteer collective sharing the voices of those incarcerated in prisons, jails, border detention facilities, juvenile detention facilities, and mental hospitals for prisoners...CONTINUE READING

New Century Publications

Economics, Politics, Commerce, Foreign Affairs, Environmental Issues India

New Century Publications (NCP), a New Delhi based publishing house was established in 1999, specializing in the publication of books on economics, commerce, management, politics, foreign affairs, women studies and environmental issues.

It particularly focuses on developments in the Indian economy, one of worlds fastest growing economies...CONTINUE READING

Fragmenta Editorial

Religious Books


Fragmenta is an independent publisher that publishes classic and essay books in the field of religions, always from a strictly non-denominational perspective. We publish "non-religious books on religions," that is, books that can be read by everyone, which are not intended to feed any believing experience, but to become instruments for inquirers who move in a world of uncertainties...CONTINUE READING

See Sharp Press


Arizona, United States

Chaz Bufe founded See Sharp Press in 1984 with publication of his first book, An Understandable Guide to Music Theory (now in its third edition and sixth printing). In 1985, See Sharp Press began publishing pamphlets with Bufe's Listen Anarchist! (now in its fifth printing). Since then, See Sharp has published 50 books and nearly 50 pamphlets...CONTINUE READING


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