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Top 25 Self-Published Books (Fall 2023)

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

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Our Editors have added the following titles to our list of the Top 25 Self-Published Books of 2022

Princess Ava & the Daily Routine

Carmen Jones Dobbins


Bruce Mitchell

Love, Relationships, And, Sometimes, Just Letting Go

Reginald D. Smith

Assisted Suicide or Murder? Preston Bourne Saga Begins

Laurn Smith

The Wishing Tree

Emalie Alaniz

We Making! Yummy Things

Krystle H. McConico

Innovate the Way You Were Designed To

Tom KraMer

Teaching With Endurance

Brad Kahrs

Family Relational Health, a Biblical, Psycho-Social Priority

Anthony L.Gordon

Leading Performance

Larry Linne

Fuel for the Mind, Body, and Soul

John Toscano

Revenge of the Ritchie Boys

Carl L. Steinhouse

Don't Fly the Coop, Lincoln Mccarthy

Elizabeth Fletcher

Lenny and Leila and the Magical Hummingbirds

Eboniè P. Fields

Untamed: The Song Poems of John Calo

John Calo


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