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TOP 25 | Larson's "HR Transformation!" is the Gold Standard

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Industry expert Dr. Wade Larson releases HR Transformation! Lead Your Business into HR 3.0 and Beyond, lays out new and innovative best-practices in the field.

Reviews & Trends Magazine Features Author:

Dr. Wade Larson

With nearly three decades of executive leadership experience in human resources management, Dr. Wade Larson is a nationally recognized thought-leader in the industry. Larson holds both Master and Doctorate of Management degrees and has served the private, public, and non-profit sectors. A John Maxwell Certified ® coach, teacher and speaker, Larson is a seasoned presenter who also teaches at the university level as an adjunct professor. Larson’s book, HR Transformation! Lead Your Business into HR 3.0 and Beyond, has been selected as a finalist for Reviews & Trends Magazine’s TOP 25 program.

"HR is now called upon to not only keep up with change, but to drive it." - WL

RTM strongly recommends that all HR professionals and professional organizations look to Dr. Larson for the latest trends and best practices in the field of human resources.


About HR Transformation!

The world has changed. Have you? HR is at a crossroads. In our search for scarce talent, we create employee experiences to provide a holistic approach. The global ecosphere creates a new connected and integrated business environment. Our drive for digital transformation pushes automation and new technologies. This unprecedented change goes beyond the need for just a strategic partnership. It calls upon HR to change its delivery model and lead the business through cultural transformation to achieve success in under the “new normal.”

It’s been over 25 years since HR’s last shift to strategic business partnership (HR 2.0). It’s time to make the next shift to meet today’s demands. HR 3.0 puts the HR professional at the center of it all and drives the core of people, practices, and leadership for today’s business demands. Find out what it takes to implement a new HR model to achieve success for you, your team, and your business today and into the future. Through the course of the new book, Dr. Wade Larson walks you through HR 3.0 – what it is, how we got here, and what it means to you and your business. He also introduces a new model and the 6 areas that HR professionals must master to effectively drive HR success into the future over the next decade and beyond.

To help HR succeed under this new model, HR professionals must transform 6 areas:

1.HR Service Delivery Model - HR must be seen as a function, not a department. Managers do HR - the HR team facilitates it. HR must do better at helping managers enhance their ability to execute HR functions at the front lines to gain new efficiencies and increase effectiveness.

2.Digital Transformation - It's time to ditch the spreadsheets and adopt AI. If HR is not taking full advantage of tools to offload processes, admin, and paperwork, it's wasting time for themselves, managers and employees. Time to shift now.

3.People Transformation - HR must take ownership of improving the performance of all employees. HR 1.0 was about building better evaluation forms. HR 2.0 was about helping managers improve their ability to manage performance. HR 3.0 is about improving the overall performance of all employees.

4.Change Leadership - As Peter Drucker said, "One cannot manage change. One can only be ahead of it." We can drive the change or be changed - it's time for HR to be the leader. That means we need to be out there in front to know what is going on so we can influence the direction of where we should head.

5.Management and Strategy Development - The development of leaders has largely been the responsibility of HR all along. It's time to shift the curriculum to greater proactivity and influence to shift the trajectory of the organization. Transformation begins with mind shift - HR has the ability to affect this mind shift in how it develops the leaders who affect the direction, performance, and attitudes of employees.

6.Cultural Transformation - Culture will happen no matter what. You can either guide it or let it just happen. When a strong CEO is present, they will influence and drive that culture and we can help transform the organization to align with that desired culture. In the absence of a strong CEO, the culture will be left to evolve itself. HR has the opportunity to lead the cultural influence to achieve the organization's mission.

At the heart of all of this is the HR Professional. To make this happen, special emphasis must be placed on the HR Pro to transform their mindset, behavior, and results to succeed. Setting a clear vision, aligning resources, continuously improving, and shifting personal perspectives are the first steps. Taking action and executing on the vision are next to rally support, build a team, and drive the effort throughout the organization. Creating wins, staying flexible, maintaining resiliency, and moving forward despite the challenges that emerge will be key.


Dr. Wade Larson

HR Industry Expert | Author | Coach | Speaker

To get better performance, we need to encourage, motivate and drive employees to achieve their very best. This doesn't happen by itself - it takes courage, tenacity, and grit to win in today's environment. This requires a new breed of manager and leader to get us to where we need to go.

His football days in high school taught him the value of working as a team to get the ball over the goal line. You can't win the game by playing have to craft a strategy well enough to use the right player to match the competition to win. Different players have different strengths. His role as a lineman was simple - do what it takes to get the ball down the field. You don't have to be the one carrying the ball to be essential to team success...Everyone is essential to do their part. The key is for each player to achieve peak performance and align that performance in a way that helps the organization achieve its highest potential. Over his career, Dr. Larson has focused his efforts to bring this emphasis to organizations of all types and sizes. After a catastrophic car accident in South America that nearly claimed his life in early adulthood, Wade has sought to make the most out of life. Most importantly, he has sought to help others achieve their very best. His messages of leadership, self-improvement, and doing business better resonates with listeners as they find new opportunities to improve their personal leadership in both business and life. Feel free to reach out and find out how Dr. Wade can bring his message of achievement, performance, and success to your organization to bring out the best in your leaders and employees today!


HR Transformation! ... a look inside!


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