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What it means to BE an "Empowered Woman"


It’s time that we quit tearing each other down and begin lifting each other up!

  • Don’t CLAIM to be an empowered woman, while talking poorly about that girl who wanted to wear that crop top.

  • Don’t CLAIM to be an empowered woman, while making mean girl comments behind your friends back.

  • Don’t CLAIM to be an empowered woman, while trolling the internet full of hate and vengeance.

  • Don’t CLAIM to be an empowered woman, and purposefully go out of your way to tell another woman who’s living her best life and that she’s too skinny, too vulgar, too petty, too greedy.

One thing I will NEVER stand for is BULLYING in any form. It actually TRIGGERS me when I see it online and in public.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE- OWN IT. Don’t let that petty trash bring down your confidence girl.

Wear those shoes, wear that makeup, color your hair however you want, say the “F bomb,” express who you are, live your BEST DAMN LIFE, take that vacation without your kids.

That mean girl attitude won’t get you anywhere in life or business, trust me.

Shift your perspective and turn those nasty comments into EMPOWERED comments because we are in the business to lift each other up.

Yesterday morning I was told, I’d be taken MUCH more seriously if I didn’t say the “F WORD” so much.

Which in response I said “F**k that, this is who I am. Take it or leave it- but I’ll always be cheering on your wins in life sis.”

Do I care about what you have to say? Of course.

Am I going to let it steer me off my path? NEVER.

My success isn’t built on how many times I say f*** or s***. It’s built on who I am and what I have to bring to this world.

Choose to live in abundance, wealth and gratitude. xxAshley

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