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You Can Do This

Contributed By: Dave Vanderheiden

Too many times as a personal trainer I hear about people who just give up on their fitness and health goals.  Usually it is for several reasons like, "I am not feeling a difference," or "I just do not have enough time," to name a few.  Excuses are a cover for other real reasons why people want to give up.  The most common reason people tend to give up is simply that they hit a plateau and cannot bust through.

There are ways to break through this plateau, but often times people are afraid to ask for help.  That is what personal trainers like me are for.  We know how to break through that wall you hit or to make sure you never hit that wall in the first place.  I have spent a lot of time working on my craft and have helped many people progress forward and never hit that plateau.  Never be afraid to ask for help.  

Hiring a trainer like myself can be a nerve wracking experience.  You are spending money to workout.  Just know that this is an investment in your health and your fitness.  We all invest in our retirement or other ventures, why not invest in yourself so you can enjoy your retirement or family for much longer.  Never be afraid to ask for help and hire a trainer if you need to.  

My passion is to help everyone be the best they can be both physically and mentally.  I want to help you in anyway I can.  If you are not sure what to do when working out, make the investment and hire a trainer like me.  So many great success stories to date with many more to come.  I want to make sure you are the next success story for you. You can do this!  You can get to where you want to go with your fitness.  DO NOT be afraid to ask for help if you are not sure about what you should do.  It may be something as simple as a subtle change in your workout to get through that plateau.  If you have any questions, come see me or any of our awesome trainers at Xperience Fitness in Green Bay and we can get you there!

Be good today!  Be better tomorrow!!

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