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I’ve been ignored and silenced for my values and belief systems.

Put to shame- attempted to be forced into a box of someone else’s version of perfect.

By people that were supposed to love me for who I was, what I stood for, and who I wanted to become.

You see, I fully believe that every single person on this planet has the power to create change, that can impact the world by the masses.

And often, I get told that I’m absolutely "insane” for having the dreams and goals that I have- as a single mom of three.

But if you want the honest truth?

I refuse to EVER settle for anything less than I deserve. I’ve done that and with it lost the fire that was in my heart. Lost site of everything I stood for.

Whether it be where I’m at in life, with a partner, a relationship, a business proposition, etc.

I know the crap that I neglected to take care of while I was married. And that crap, it was ME. MY LIFE WAS FULL OF...

  1. Horrible friends.

  2. Horrible belief systems.

  3. Horrible environments.

I was left with my heart crushed, a broken soul, believing that this was how it was MEANT to be for me. I NEVER believed in the power of choice or what it meant to chase after what I deserved in life.

All I knew was what was and that scared me.

You see, I didn’t gain the courage and strength to pursue a life and path of becoming the best version of me over night.

It took a SHIT TON of inner work, showing up and standing up for what I believed in. It took me putting my health first.

My dreams first, my HEART first.

I’ve gone through extreme betrayal. Nearly lost my life during child birth. Manipulation, neglect, pain and trauma in all forms.

I grew tired of allowing it define my worth...

And as a single mom of 3... As a woman on the path of becoming the best damn version of herself... As a powerhouse on a mission to help put an end to human trafficking... Lifting women up to be their authentic and TRUE selves...every DAY no matter what...

There are days where I want to stop, QUIT and throw it all away.

The journey to becoming the best you and building a legacy for yourself and your family is a PROCESS and transformation that gets to be REAL.

And I commit to always showing up real. To always show up as my self- “f bomb” and all and share with you my heart and life’s purpose.

Because that’s how we GET TO change the world.

When we can pull down the curtain behind our not so perfect life and share with the world exactly who we are, at our core. FLAWS and all, WE are beautiful.

I love you AND I thank you.

I am forever grateful to have this platform as my vehicle to create change, use my voice and change the lives of thousands of men, women and children every single day.

I am grateful for my tenancy to create my very own subscription box company Abundance Movement Boxes - which has been the BIGGEST learning curve of my life.

I am forever grateful for a movement that I get to be a part of to help end human and sex trafficking day in and day out.

I want to lead you- to lead yourself. To take radical self responsibility of your life and build a life and legacy you’re DAMN proud of sis. No more starting over, no more settling, no more forced box. It’s time to rise, the time, it’s NOW!

Choose to live in abundance, wealth and gratitude. xxAshley

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