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Top 25: The Benefits of Teamwork to Optimize Workforce in "No One Of Us Is As Good As All Of Us."

The title “No One of Us is as Good as All of Us” was chosen because the author wanted to share certain principles and qualities to help leaders that work in teams optimize their workforce in the short and long term. Chronicles of not merely cliché information but tips based on the author's years of experience as a professional in the restaurant and retail sectors.


Mike Sims book "No One of Us" Is As "Good As All Of Us" is a guide to leaders in all industries for building and maintaining high performing teams, through fully embracing diversity and always putting your “PEOPLE FIRST”. The premise of this book is you must first realize the impact there is in fostering the differences in your people then maximizing that potential for the success of your business.

Leaders or employees who continue to win, both in business and life, are those who hire, train and motivate their people. To those of leaders or employees who continue to struggle, this book would challenge you to take a hard look at the people you have on your teams.

"The success and failure of your organization, begins and ends with your PEOPLE!"-Mike Sims

Sims goal with "No One of Us" Is As "Good As All Of Us" is to encourage us all to never lose sight of what truly matters: people first, in daily life, business, relationships, sports, or whatever else you undertake. No matter what organization or business you are in, you are in the business of growing your people. No matter what your business—sales, ministry, medicine, education, law, politics, entertainment, food, autos, or any other industry—at the end of the day, it will be about the people you have on your team and how well you treat them.

"People indeed are your greatest asset, and when you truly realize and embrace this, your business will achieve greatness."-Mike Sims

This book was written from Mike Sims business and career experience. The value of his business knowledge and professional network can help a lot of others succeed in any industry.

It is Sims prayer that you will be inspired, and encouraged as you navigate through examples and explanations of office culture and see that it possibly relates to your own personal life or how to make changes to grow and succeed in the workplace.

RTM strongly recommends "No One of Us" Is As "Good As All Of Us" to its readership debuting on TOP 25 List ®


Mike Sims


Born in Chicago, IL on March 16, 1956, Mike Sims was raised in the Midwest living in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio; moved to Birmingham Alabama in August of 2000; moved back to Cassopolis Michigan in April 2014.

Started out in the restaurant industry with McDonald’s restaurants in Elkhart Indiana at the tender age of 19 in the summer of 1975; he quickly rose to the assistant management ranks and worked in several locations throughout Elkhart and South Bend Indiana. Mike was promoted to general manger in June of 1985 where he worked as a GM for nearly four years. Mike got his first taste at being an entrepreneur and left McDonald’s to open his own business in January 1989. Although he thoroughly enjoyed owning a business and working for himself; early financial struggles forced him to return to the work force. Mike then went to work for Target stores in the winter of 1990 as a multi-unit supervisor of the food courts in the retail giant.

After a few years away from the restaurant industry he returned to what he truly loved to do. In July of 1995 he went to work for Wendy’s International as a multi-unit supervisor; he was recruited to Arby’s (ARG) in August of 2000 and relocated to Birmingham Alabama, where he won multiple awards and recognition for outstanding performance. He was recruited to run the southeastern concept, Guthrie’s Golden Fried Chicken in 1997; as V.P. of operations he was responsible for 57 locations of both company and franchise units throughout Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Mississippi.

It was there he realized his calling to become a business consultant in support to the owners and managers in both the restaurant and retail industry and he founded PSP Restaurant Group LLC (People, Sales & Profits) in April of 2009. In his career he has had the absolute pleasure of leading high performing teams in achieving high level results.

Authors Awards

Personal Life

On August 25th, 1979, Mike married Sharon Annette Reed in Cassopolis Michigan. They have 3 children together: Robert, Jason, and Keli and 6 grandchildren. I am a born-again believer in our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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