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Fitness Coach Brian Milligan | Trending

No superheroes, no power-lifters ... just ordinary people making sustainable improvements to live as well as they can.

Health is a relationship between you and your body. – Terri Guillemets

Reviews & Trends Magazine profiles Brian Milligan as an up-and-coming influencer and coach in health and fitness.

Brian Milligan been in the fitness industry for years; in commercial gyms, private health clubs, local authority facilities ― even prisons. From the very beginning, when he self-funded his first fitness qualification after university, Coach Milligan has loved working in the gym environment. Following his passion, Milligan opened his own, part-time gym in a garage. Today, Coach Milligan co-owns and operates a dedicated, purpose-built facility on the west coast of Scotland.

Milligan's breadth of experience has given him an invaluable insight into what people struggle with when trying to lose weight and get in shape ― and his ambition is to help as many people as possible lead healthier, happier lives.

In the early days, Milligan enjoyed working with clients who were already super-fit; pushing them to find marginal gains and seeing them incrementally increase their lifts. But this changed when he started seeing his other clients ― people with limited fitness ― achieve things they never thought possible.

Coach Milligan quickly came to realize that a focus on straightforward, everyday fitness could change people’s lives. And when his clients became fitter, stronger, and healthier, Milligan found pride in knowing they felt happier in their personal lives, with improved confidence and general well-being.

This became the central precept of Coach Milligan's work as a personal trainer: no superheroes, no power-lifters ... just ordinary people making sustainable improvements to live as well as they can.


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