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Laura Chill: A Memoir of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Overcoming and Empowerment

Hiding Behind a Window: My Story of Stepping out from Behind a Window, Moving Forward After Trauma, and Reclaiming What Was Lost is a book that provides up-to-date references regarding the psychology and neuroscience of trauma, as well as resources for survivors of CSA and their families. Coming together on tough topics Reviews & Trends Magazine's recommends this book to its audience.


Book Synopsis-Hiding Behind a Window

Hiding Behind a Window is a memoir of the author's personal experience of surviving childhood sexual assault (CSA) and how through reclaiming the past, found empowerment through her story. The book allows the reader to explore the topic of complex trauma throughout the narrative while framing it within the life of a survivor. The book also provides up-to-date references regarding the psychology and neuroscience of trauma, as well as resources for survivors of CSA and their families. The book is a source of community for survivors to relate to a shared experience-to know that they are not alone. This book encourages the reader to find their voice, speak out against injustice, and advocate for the end of the silence and stigma surrounding sexual abuse.

“The study of psychological trauma has an ‘underground’ history. Like traumatized people, we have been cut off from the knowledge of our past. Like traumatized people, we need to understand the past in order to reclaim the present and future. Therefore, an understanding of psychological trauma begins with rediscovering history.”-Chill

Standing behind a window, she's watching everyone else on the other side. She jumps and waves her hands at them, willing them to look through the glass and see her there. Some walk past without a pause. Could they not see her? Others stop briefly, their gazes caught by her frantic gestures, only to turn away. They pretend not to see, quickly walking past. Maybe they did not recognize her actions as cries for help.

Chill will never know what they thought as they saw her there— observed and unseen. How can it be possible to hide behind windows? How can we be clearly visible yet completely overlooked? This story can be hard for some, eye-opening for others, and triggering for far too many. For me, telling this story is therapeutic.

"By telling my story, I take back some of that which was taken from me. Until recently, I would have preferred to think about these memories as if they belonged to someone else—another little girl who was not me."-Chill

Or maybe that these events happened to many children, all different ages with different names and faces. The author wanted these memories to belong to anyone but her. She wanted to disown them, dismiss them, and forget them all together. She didn’t want to acknowledge how they had shaped her or how they had influenced so much of her life.

Why did Laura write about the unfortunate events she experienced? Why revisit traumatic memories so hard-fought to be forgotten? Therapy has taught her that to keep moving forward, we must address that which holds us in the past. It is necessary to understand what was lost in the past in order to reclaim it for the present and future. She wants to keep moving forward. She wanted to reclaim what was lost. So, she continued to move forward. Telling this story has helped her do that. She believes this is the only positive way to go on day-to-day while consequences happen, and hard lessons are learned. She know it is very important to move forward. Although her story is marked by trauma, she wants to express that her childhood was not unhappy. There were many beautiful moments that she treasures. There was much love in her family, many joyful memories.

"I know that my parents loved me unconditionally. They provided me with the best care they knew how to provide, and I will always be grateful to them."-Laura Chill

Laura Chill


Laura Chill is a life-time learner and has over thirty years' experience studying early childhood development and behaviors.

After running her own childcare and preschool program, Laura completed a bachelor's degree in child development. After earning her degree, she went on to direct a larger childcare center for six years before her retirement from the childcare field.

She is currently at work on a children's book series: Aries books - Moving Forward with Aries. Aries is a young girl that has adventures that are shared to support families and children learn about life through children's experiences.

Laura is grateful to have lived her life in the Pacific Northwest where she was born and raised. It was there that she raised her own two adult children to adulthood not far from her hometown. Laura claims Washington State as her home for forty-eight years and is now currently living in Western Oregon with her husband, dog, and two cats.

When she is not working on her books, she is sketching, coloring, doing puzzles, playing drums, and presently re-learning calligraphy. Currently she spends her time working in the mental health field, helping to support families and children who have experienced their own traumas.

Laura Chill has multiple platforms including Facebook and Author Website. For more information on this Author and her book with insights on today's challenging world go to any of the links below.


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