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Top 25 Indie | Boutique Book Publishers (Spring 2021)

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Indie & Boutique Publishers

Indie and boutique publishers are smaller publishing houses that tend to specialize in a specific subject area. Indie and boutique publishing is common in genres that demand a greater level of expertise or that are only saleable to a limited readership. This category also includes a range of small presses producing content of local and regional interest. These houses may tend to work in geographically smaller and more dedicated markets selling local authors and stories.

Amberley Publishing

History, Heritage

United Kingdom

Established in 2008, Amberley Publishing is the home of the ever-popular colour local history series Through Time.  The Through Time brand is now well established but Amberley is an independent publisher of books on a rich variety of history and heritage.  In addition to local history, our impressive catalogue of c.3000 titles includes print and e-books across many subject areas of such as transport, industry, general history, sport, military and niche specialist interests...CONTINUE READING

John Blake Publishing

Biography, True Crime

United Kingdom

John Blake Publishing are a non-fiction publishing company and prides itself being the first to tap into commercial trends, and our recent Breaking Bad Cookbook has been a particular runaway success. We are innovative, creative and we're always looking for ground-breaking new ideas to enhance our readers'​ experience. In 2016, former Fleet Street journalist and national newspaper editor John Blake will have been publishing books for twenty five years. John Blake Publishing specializes in high profile, mass-market non-fiction – the books people really want to read...CONTINUE READING

AWA Press

Contemporary Non-fiction

New Zealand

Awa Press is an independent, innovative and wholly New Zealand-owned company. It was founded in 2003 to publish and promote the best of contemporary non-fiction by New Zealand and overseas authors.

Our name is derived from a Māori word meaning river or channel. We think of ourselves as the fount of a river of books...CONTINUE READING

Parthian Books Ltd.

Fiction, Poetry, Drama

United Kingdom

Parthian marked twenty-five years of publishing in 2018/19 with several award-winning books, in addition to launching two collaborative translation projects and bringing its classic Library of Wales list to fifty titles.

We have always published first time fiction and aim to give new writers as much development support as we can. Our recent success includes writers such Alys Conran (Wales Book of the Year Winner 2017), Tristan Hughes (Stanford’s Fiction Winner 2018), and Lloyd Markham (Betty Trask Award Winner 2018) Glen James Brown (shortlisted for the Orwell Fiction Award 2019) Mari Ellis Dunning (Short-Listed for the Wales Book of the Year Award 2019)...CONTINUE READING

Fulcrum Publishing

Non-fiction, United States History

Colorado, United States

In physics, the word fulcrum denotes the point at which motion begins. We strive to create books that will inspire you to move forward in your life or to take action. Whether it’s exploring the world around you or discussing the ideas and issues that shape that world, our books provide the tools to create forward motion in your life.

Our mission is simple, yet profound:

Publish books that inspire readers to LIVE life to the fullest and to LEARN something new every day...CONTINUE READING

Central Avenue Publishing

Poetry, Fiction


Central Avenue is a traditional press passionate about fiction and poetry that exemplify humanity at its worst and its best.

We are proud to have had many of our titles on bestseller lists, go viral, win respected awards, endorsed by celebrities, and enjoyed by readers all over the world...CONTINUE READING

PM Press

Fiction, Non-fiction

California, United States

PM Press is an independent, radical publisher of books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire. Founded in 2007 by a small group of people with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience, PM Press amplifies the voices of radical authors, artists, and activists. Our aim is to deliver bold political ideas and vital stories to all walks of life and arm the dreamers to demand the impossible. We have sold millions of copies of our books...CONTINUE READING

Barlow Publishing

Business, Health


Welcome to Barlow Books. We’re a new kind of hybrid publisher for a revolutionary time in the book business. We offer you the quality you’d expect from a traditional publisher, without the barriers that have prevented many great ideas from turning into books that sell in stores.

Barlow is a hybrid publisher. We offer many of the same services that a traditional publisher does. Say you have an important story to tell that comes from your professional or personal life experience...CONTINUE READING



TitleTown Publishing

True Crime, Memoirs, Biographies, Faith & Spirituality

Wisconsin, United States

TitleTown Publishing was born from a wish made on Olympic ice at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy. TitleTown Publishing's founder, Tracy Ertl, rapidly grew her dream into a mainstream publishing company specializing in high-profile memoirs, survival tales, and true crime stories. Since its founding, TitleTown has had an international bestseller, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, a Barnes & Noble Bestseller, a book on the USA Today “Top 100 Books” list, and we’ve celebrated a three-week run on the New York Times Bestseller List. Our house’s stories have been optioned for film and television (with two, major motion pictures being released in 2019 and 2020), sold into multiple countries, and received extensive coverage through Reader’s Digest, People Magazine, the New York Times, Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, CBS Early Show, Dr. Phil, and The Hallmark’s Channel’s Home & Family show, to name only a few....CONTINUE READING

CLICK HERE, or the picture above, to learn more about TitleTown Publishing.

Imprints: TitleTown Publishing Children's, Peregrino Press, Olympic Press, Legacy Media, TEN23 Media


Great Plains Publications



Great Plains Publications Ltd. is an independent publisher based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and committed to bringing you the very best books from the Prairies – a region we believe has an abundance of quality writers. We also publish fiction from authors across the country in our imprints...CONTINUE READING

Peter Owen Publishers

International Literature

United Kingdom

Peter Owen (1927–2016) started his company, aged twenty-four, six years after the Second World War.

He ran the business from home, with a typewriter as his only equipment. Soon, however, the company started to flourish, enabling him to employ some staff – his first editor was Muriel Spark. He was able to bring some of the very best international literature to what was a very insular British market...CONTINUE READING

The History Press


United Kingdom

The History Press is the UK’s largest dedicated history publisher. We publish across a broad range of topics and periods, covering the exceptional people, places and events that have shaped our lives today.

We are dedicated to keeping history alive through publishing content which tells us about interesting places, important events and intriguing people – revealing little-known stories to new audiences...CONTINUE READING

Rockpool Publishing

Spiritual, Wellness


Rockpool Publishing is an Australian owned publisher, specialising in spirit & wellness books, oracle cards, gifts & journals.  Trade distribution is handled by Simon & Schuster in Australian, NZ and the UK, and Red Wheel Weiser in the US.  

Rockpool Publishing is the owner of imprints Love & Write Publishing and Gelding Street Press...CONTINUE READING

Faros Books

Children's Literature

United Kingdom

Originating from a family-owned publishing house established in Athens, Greece over 70 years ago, FarosBooks is a new London based independent publisher with a vision to inspire and entertain children, initially by publishing quality books for the very young...CONTINUE READING

Hawthorn Press

Education, Family

United Kingdom

Hawthorn Press was founded in 1981 by Martin Large. Martin is from a printing family, so when he wrote Who’s Bringing Them Up? TV and Child Development in 1980, publishing was straightforward – although the extensive book reviews were a surprise...CONTINUE READING

Rolling Homes Press

Travel Books, Guidebooks

Washington, United States

The Travelers Camping Guides were all researched and written by us - Terri and Mike Church. About nineteen years ago we decided to travel. There was no way to stretch our available funds to cover hotels and restaurants for anything like the length of time we really wanted to be on the road. On the other hand, the idea of living out of a backpack wasn't particularly attractive to us...CONTINUE READING

Critical Publishing

Education, Social Work, Health

United Kingdom

Having both worked in publishing for many years, we (Di and Julia) founded Critical Publishing in 2012. We met up in the cafe of the British Library, ordered coffee and cake, and hatched a plan. We felt we could produce learning resources for education and social work students and professionals that were fresher and better than what was already around.

We believe we do this by offering a more critical approach (in all the best senses) that helps our readers think and encourages them to analyse, evaluate, question and challenge...CONTINUE READING

Irish Academic Press

Irish History, Politics & Literature


Irish Academic Press was established in Dublin in 1974 by Frank Cass following the demise of the Irish University Press, and gradually developed into one of the leading Irish publishers of academic and scholarly writing on a wide range of subjects within the broad field of Irish Studies.

Following Mr Cass’s death in 2007, his son Stewart continued and expanded the business while remaining true to the core values of his father’s company – academic quality, integrity, scholarly research and accessible, insightful, writing...CONTINUE READING

Real African Publishers

Culture, Politics, Biographies

South Africa

Real African Publishers evolved out of a company called STE Publishers that started back in 1994.

STE stood for Science, Technology and Education, as its main focus was a newspaper called ‘The Educators’ Voice’, the South African Yearbook and Pocket Guide for the GCIS, and a variety of other contract publishing contracts...CONTINUE READING

Merlin Press

Biographies, History

United Kingdom

Merlin Press is a UK publisher that primarily publishes biographies and books on history...CONTINUE READING

Red Press Ltd

Social Justice

United Kingdom

We are a small independent publishing house based in England, and a social purpose organisation.

What drives us: Challenging the status quo in an unjust world. What delights us: Working at the intersection of language and social justice. What defines us: Our author-centered approach to publishing...CONTINUE READING

McBooks Press

Non-fiction, Historical Fiction

New York, United States

McBooks Press has been publishing books independently for over 30 years in Ithaca, New York. McBooks’ extensive list of publications features works of historical fiction--including naval and military fiction in series. We also publish nonfiction, including books on boxing, food and health, and on the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. Most of our titles are available all formats of e-books as well as standard hardcovers or trade paperbacks.

Alex Skutt, McBooks Press's founder and publisher, was the first winner of AAP's annual Miriam Hope Bass Award for creativity in independent publishing...CONTINUE READING

Fremantle Press

Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction


Fremantle Press is a proudly not-for-profit team of publishers, authors and artists who bring uniquely Australian stories to the world. Established in 1976, Fremantle Press is renowned for producing quality works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and children’s literature. Our core purpose is to...CONTINUE READING

Lund Humphries

Art Books

United Kingdom

Since the publication in 1939 of Frank Lloyd Wright’s An Organic Architecture, Lund Humphries has been a leading publisher of illustrated art books. With our roots in British Modernism, our list today encompasses books for art specialists, professionals and enthusiasts across all periods and genres. We value high-quality design and reproduction, serious but accessible writing, and unique collections of reference material...CONTINUE READING

Baraka Books

Fiction, Non-fiction


Baraka Books is a Quebec-based English-language book publisher specializing in creative and political non-fiction, history and historical fiction, and fiction. Our belief is that books are a haven of freedom and that they remain the foremost vector for change.

The word baraka is used in many languages and cultures and, depending on the language, can mean blessing, wisdom, luck, and more...CONTINUE READING


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